1st Sunday of Advent

HEBDOMADA I ADVENTUS – 1st Week of Advent

1) DOMINICA I ADVENTUS – 1st Sunday of Advent
a) Collect
b) Super Oblata
c) Post Communionem

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  1. London Calling says:

    Thank you, Fr Z! I had been digging out the prayers from the depths of WDTPRS (I now have some of them printed) so as to read them before Mass. But it’s so much easier with a linked presentation like this. The “core” WDTPRS articles (the ones explaining the Latin liturgy in detail) are for me still the real treasure of this website. And the anti-spam word right now is, very appropriately, WDTPRS! Thank you once again.

  2. Hurray for the return of the WDTPRS series! I’ve missed them! I agree wholeheartedly with London Calling; they are the core and treasure of your ‘blog. Thanks for the links!

  3. Bill Costello says:

    Thank you Father! I’ve been reading WDTPRS for about 8 months. This is the first “core” WDTPRS set of article that I’ve read. WOW! The latin and “smoothed out” versions are truly powerful. There is a reverence in those words that is difficult for me to describe. But I can feel it. The words have a presence to them that is unlike anything I have felt before. Would that I could hear them spoken aloud on Sunday at Sacred Heart here in Indianapolis. It’s time to dig deeper into this site. Thank you again, Father, for all your hard work and commitment to this apostolate.

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