Prelates quoting “Say The Black, Do The Red”

UPDATE 12 Dec 2007 – 17:21 UCT

Archbishop Hart of Melbourne quoted "Say The Black, Do The Red" in a recent address to the Council of Priests of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Faithfulness on the other hand requires that because of the strong connection between liturgy, faith and doctrine, we celebrate the liturgy according to the liturgical books and their General Instructions without variations, except in cases which the books provide.  The general rule of “say the black and do the red” with clarity and fervour obtains within these parameters.

UPDATE 24 Nov 2007 – 17:06 UCT

Card. DiNardo used the phrase in an interview with ZENIT:

With regard to the liturgy, I think we can take a cue from the liturgical piety of the Church Fathers. In the Fathers, you see an emphasis not only on the words said at Mass, but also the importance of the gestures of the liturgy. In other words, say the black, do the red.

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  1. What is nice is that Cdl.-Designate DiNardo is Episcopal Moderator for NPM. Hopefully this means that he might just stir them in the right direction. I like his way of thinking here.

  2. Brian: His Eminence is not “Cdl-Designate”. The consistory took place in November. He is now His Eminence Daniel Card. DiNardo.

  3. Daniel Muller says:

    Say the black, wear the red.

  4. Daniel: Everyone’s a comedian!


  5. David Schutz says:

    It was a surprise to hear our +Denis saying that. Next he will be coming out with “Save the Liturgy–Save the World!”

    BTW, do we know who actually coined the saying “Say the Black, do the Red”? Or is it lost in the mists of time?

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