ALERT for students around Cornell and Ithaca

The Recovering Choir Director has some news.  Let those in the area of Cornell pay attention.

Iosephus at the Cornell Society reports that on the Octave of Christmas, an Extraordinary Form Low Mass was celebrated at St. James in Trumansburg, some 15-20 minutes northwest of my old stomping grounds. This church will always have a special significance to me as it was there where I experienced — and chanted for — the Traditional Latin Mass for the first time in my life.

Although the powers that be have not yet decided to make the TLM a regularly scheduled liturgy, they are asking the Cornell students in attendance if voices can be assembled to form a schola. Between Cornell and Ithaca College, I would think that they could assemble more than one schola, and even a polyphonic choir or two.

For reasons more numerous to describe here, I pray that the Extraordinary Form Mass becomes a permanent part of the liturgical landscape in that neck of the woods.

Step by step!

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  1. David says:

    As someone who may be attending Cornell in the fall, this is very heartening news indeed! Deo gratias!

  2. Cornellian '08 says:

    As a Cornell senior, this is very exciting news! There isn’t a particularly strong choir at Cornell as of yet, but I hope this opportunity inspires more to get involved. I would love to sing chant. If only I could sing…

  3. CarolinaGeo says:

    I am a Cornell grad of many years gone by. When I was there, I experienced hideous liturgies on campus – electric guitars, drums, etc. I didn’t know too much about my faith back then, but I knew enough to get out of Dodge in a hurry. It was a few months before I found a relatively sane parish downtown – a beautiful old church, actually, though I don’t recall its name. I just remember what a schlep it was to get down there and back on foot from Dickson Hall! On reflection after I did learn more about my faith, I realized that the masses on campus were actually invalid due to improper matter used for the consecration.

    I’m glad that the area is finally getting some proper liturgy! Deo gratias!

  4. peregrinus_sg says:

    The matter would have been valid, since they do use only wheat flour and water (at least during my time).

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