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  1. Paul says:

    “I still have so much to do”

  2. Brian Kiernan says:

    Look! There it is! The spirit of Vatican II !!!

  3. Tom Lanter says:

    This chart shows in billions US, what the scandal has cost the Church in America.

  4. TNCath says:

    Upon viewing the Mass in Aunch: “What in the Sam Hill are they doing?”

  5. danphunter1 says:

    “Your Holiness, would you like that black five piece vestment set for your birthday?
    I can get it for you early so that you can wear it for the Good Friday Mass of the pre-sanctified, only IF you keep the ’62 conversion prayers intact.”

  6. KK says:

    The Z-Plane, the Z-Plane!

  7. RosieC says:

    Recalling the picture with the balloon sculpture on the Crescat’s sidebar, and connecting it to the circus entry as suggested, above:

    “FINALLY… someone to smite.”

  8. The pointing Monsignor is saying:

    See where I’m pointing, your Holiness? That’s how they attach someone to the stake for a good burning session. The flames are already lit. When will you be ready to start up the real Holy Inquisition once again?


  9. Patrick says:

    “So maybe silver lame Swiss Guard uniforms are a bit much, but Holy Father, you have to admit, they stand out”.

  10. Patronus says:

    Brian’s comment wins, no doubt.

  11. John Enright says:

    “The kick is up . . . it’s got the distance . . . and . . . it’s good. The Pats win again.

  12. “See, your Holiness, it’s like I told you! The Papal Pizzamaker is out of control!”
    “*sigh* Why on earth couldn’t it have been the bratwurst instead?”

    Sure doesn’t look like Brian’s is going to be topped, but might as well keep throwing fun stuff out. 8^)

  13. Rot-ro says:

    Look Holy Father!!! It’s Not Bird, Nor Plane, it’s ummm an Angel with a Flaming Sword in his hand???!!”

  14. the-monk says:

    “Omigosh, it’s Pio Nono returning!”

  15. Holy Father,

    Aren’t you glad that you sent Piero packing when you did? He wanted to invite this circus to your upcoming Washington Mass, along with Fr. Bozo the Clown from youtube fame as one of your main concelebrants.

  16. Piero, no don’t jump! We will get you a new office in the Vatican!

  17. Guy Power says:

    Fr. Z: I am tempted actually to link this with _this_ entry.

    SNORT!!!!!!! Juxtaposing the top photo with the bottom made me laugh out loud!!

    Thanks for the morning laugh, Father!

  18. marc says:

    “Look! I think the guy with the purple shirt has to itch his nose!”

  19. Tom says:

    “East is…ummm…East is…ahhh…East is that way…we’re pretty sure…it’s been so long since we’ve faced that way…but let’s double-check…we’ll ask the Byzantines…”

    (Naturally, His Holiness knew all the time…he was just checking on the others.)

  20. Jef says:

    Two things Holy Father, First the bishops of England and Wales have fully implemented Summorum Pontificium, and now if you look over there you’ll see a flock of pigs just skirting the dome of St. Peters

  21. Scott Smith says:

    “Without a doubt, Your Holiness, with a bit of training you’ll be able to jump over the candles and land in the ambo just like that.”

  22. Tom: “East is…ummm…East is…ahhh…East is that way…we’re pretty sure…it’s been so long since we’ve faced that way…but let’s double-check…we’ll ask the Byzantines…”


  23. kal says:

    Now lets watch the tape again in slow motion. Look, Holy Father, right there, right there! That\’s where Archbishop Marini tries to sneak off with the ring!

  24. Nobody comes close to Brian Kiernan’s entry.

  25. WFW says:

    “Rock Band?! Bertone, tell those folks in DC to get their act together! That is NOT where the musicians are going!”

  26. Cole M says:

    You mean someone was thinking of making the Swiss Guard do that?

  27. Ian says:

    I don’t know which is more entertaining, the expression on the Holy Father’s Face or that of Cardinal Bertone.

    My contribution: “Fr. Johann Schmitz takes the Holy Father and some Curia members on a tour of the new Lager Cellars installed at Castel Gondolfo.”

  28. Cristhian says:

    Mnsgr: “look Holiness, liberal’s are attacking”

    BXVI: “to the Popemobile!!!!”

    ( 60’s Batman Theme music)

  29. Dr. J says:

    “Ever since the statues were ripped out after Vatican II, we’ve had to make do with whatever we could find…”

  30. torontonian says:

    “It was then that Benedict decided that the Pontifical Council for Liturgical Trapeze would be the next dicastery to go.”

  31. Mary Ann says:

    Oh, Brian’s entry is the best quip, for sure.

  32. David2 says:

    First Suggestion:

    “Prancing Protestants, Popeman! This could only be the work of that feind of feinds, The Freemason!”

    “To ze Popemobile, Boy Vunder!”

    [Cue 60’s Batman Music and spinning Tiara/Crossed Keys motif, as above]

    Second Suggestion:

    “Donnervetter!! You say Marini vanted me to do ZAT?!. Dank Gott ve fired him…now, vhy don’t ve make him parish priest in Riyadh, und see how he dances around ze flying stones!”

  33. David2 says:

    I’m enjoying this!

    Third Suggestion:

    “Herr Gott! Ze tings ve see ven ve don’t have an Inquisition!”

  34. Not Getting Creaky Just Yet says:

    “See, Holy Father, it is proven! The Madascar termite does indeed eat marble!”

    (It might help to remember that the Madascar termite is doing a high-speed number on New Orleans buildings and trees, crunching away almost fast enough to watch the destruction happen.)

    (The anti-spam word got truncated, does that fool the spambots better?)

  35. Paul Murnane says:

    “Look what it says on the stone pillar!” Piero was here!

  36. Presbyter Rick says:

    Top photo: Pope saying- “Well, I’ll be darned, there really IS a flying nun!”

    Bottom photo: See what happens when you let children play/pray with matches??

  37. millinerd says:

    “Look! A swallow from Capistrano!”

  38. Veritas says:

    “Holiness, THIS is liturgical dance.”

  39. tonya says:

    “I don’t know,your Holiness-don’t you think that altar is a BIT high?”

  40. RBrown says:

    Pointer: See . . . up on the ledge . . . now you know why Abp Marini wasn’t in his office.

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