Do a favor for Fr. Z….. pleeeeeeeeeze??

Will you do something small for me?

Jump over to this spankin’ new blog by a popular participant here and give him a bump in his statistics just to encourage him a little!


PS: When I posted this he had only 118 hits!

Don’t let him look like a rarely visited liberal Catholic‘s blog!

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. R John says:

    It’s off to a great start! I’ll be interested to watch this develop. Speaking of which, I’d love a word or two from Father Z on “Catholic” literature. I’m knee deep in Georges Bernanos at the moment, and I want much, much more!

  2. Thanks for that, Fr Z!

    The stats shot up and are now seven times that number within these minutes of your post! About one in a hundred have been leaving a comment (pretty good, I think), and hopefully the rest will be quiet readers who, when the time is right, make their comments count bigtime.

    You mentioned on another post that a book or thesis might be needed to handle some of the questions of the relations between Catholics and Jews (and we’ll throw in Islam for good measure)…

    Well, this is a trilogy, an ecclesiastical thriller, based on a thesis or two or three by your’s truly. What better way to put this out than in an ongoing, blog style, the reader helps to (re)write it really much better kind of a way?

    Plenty of those participating here are extremely capable, among whom are lettered giants of academia. Yet, it is perhaps those of more humble background who can incisively see through the haze of academia, especially in the setting of a novel, and go to the heart of the matter in a few words that level the playing field right around the world.

    You are all invited to have a go at the trilogy (in the Irish sense of that phrase) as the chapters unfold week after week. God bless you all!

    Of course, and it’s only coming to mind now, I’m so new to this technology thing, that some of you might be able to provide a link not only to WDTPRS, but also to my humble blog! Thanks so much for that! I’ll try to do the same!


  3. Diane K says:

    Father! And you said you couldn’t do it!?!?!


  4. Well, maybe… But now I can’t get back in as administrator! I suppose if I shut the computer off and then turn it back on, all will work once again… Everything broke down when I was trying to add you to the blogroll [not that it’s your fault!] and was unsuccessfully trying to grab Fr Z’s headline animator. Step by step here too!

  5. Federico says:

    So, what does a guy have to do to get a Fr. Z. endorsment :-)?

    Thanks for the tip. I added Fr. di Lorenzo’s blog to my linkblog.


  6. Malta says:

    This is excellent news; I have book marked your site, Fr. Renzo. Your comments have always been most percipient and charitable (but uncompromising nonetheless). Good luck, and God Bless, my friend.

  7. Timothy James says:

    Fr. di Lorenzo has a blog? does this mean an end to the multi-page comments on this blog?

  8. Thanks Malta! I\’m hoping you\’ll be posting with all the ferocity of the guardian angels! I\’m in trepidation of a blog…

    Timothy James… Can\’t get rid of me that easily! WDTPRS rules, and with good reason. I might be distracted with the Trilogy, and miss making a comment or two, but still. I mean, what was put up on Galileo in these past days here at WDTPRS has been absolutely wonderful.

    And besides, where else could one see Monsignor Gänswein about to become toast!

    Cheers, all!


    Fr Z, as of this entry, 17 times over for the stats at
    Thanks for the good start and the sidebar support!

  9. Matt Q says:

    Dear Father Renzo:

    Good job on making a blog for yourself. Hope it all works out. We’ll visit your pages as often as Father Z’s. You’ll get the hang of it all really quickly.

    God bless.


  10. 24 hour total is 2,700 hits. Thanks Fr Z.

    All the preparatory materials are up. Soon: Chapter One! But beware, read the apologia/disclaimer first!

  11. Fr. Renzo: Disclaimers already!


  12. THE FIRST CHAPTER IS UP! But read the disclaimer first!

  13. Eric says:

    Frs. Z and di Lorenzo,

    I am a dedicated user of Google Reader, which enables me to keep up with 100+ blogs and almost 5,000 posts a month. The only problem is that visitor statistics are skewed by those of us who use RSS feed readers. It takes some extra effort on your part to find out how many people are reading your posts via readers, thus readership isn’t accurately accounted for by Site Meter and those types of counters. This post gives instructions on how to reap that data.

    I wish this weren’t the case because I read every one of Fr. Z’s posts, but only click through to (thus registering a hit) if I want to read the comments on a given post.

    I just want prolific bloggers to get the credit they deserve.

  14. Eric,

    I’m looking at the google feed thing… A bit technical, that. But I might try to do something with it. Thanks.

    Also, I answered your recent comment on the “A hint about” entry with a challenge. And, here’s a hint for you about that: the name of the one I’m talking about, in a derivative spelling, refers to Christ. There are only three to choose from! Go directly to:

  15. I’m in need of latinists for one of the most incredible documents (1590) in the history of the Church. If its content had not been ignored, we may well have seen the end of the Reformation centuries ago. It’s part of the plot and intrigue of the Trilogy. Take part in true ecumenism! Latinists can go straight to this link:

  16. I found this on my stats page from Éamonn over at Peregrinus Hibernensis:

    Dan Brown, it’s not!

    If you like Biblical studies, religious intrigue, serious intellectual puzzles, exotic languages (living and on-life-support) and all round entertainment, then get thee to Fr Renzo di Lorenzo’s wonderfully puzzling new blog-cum-novel. Thus far it seems to promise all the weirdness and wonder that Dan Brown does. The difference is that Fr Renzo delivers. (Or as My Lady put it, like Dan Brown “only good”!)

    Besides which, Fr Z approves. What more could you want …

    Thanks, Éamonn!


    Fr Z,

    Two chapters are up now on the Trilogy. Plus heaps of Latin challenges.

    Stats now at around 4000 in these few days. I might have a few readers!

    I’m hoping that you’ll weigh in when you realise what I’m doing with the Vulgate and the Sacred Liturgy. You’ll see hints of this within another few chapters, and all will be revealed during the Inquisition type trial further on the Book I.

    Thanks again!

  17. Federico,

    Good to have a canon lawyer on side. You’ll see what I mean as we come to the trial in Book 1!

    I might have a C.J.C. question for you from time to time. You wouldn’t happen to be on the Rota, would you?

    God bless!

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