Next phase: UK to Roma

I am off to Rome in the late morning. 

I should be returning to the UK on 12 Feb, though I am not at all sure where I am going to be!  The possibility for my return trip fell through, so I will have to scramble a little now for lodging, etc. 

Last night the wind absolutely howled with rain against the glass and roof of the upper story in the presbytery here in Brighton, so sleep was a little thin. 

I now have both theoretical and experiential knowledge that it does, in fact, rain a lot in England, though in the balance the weather has been good.  Yesterday as Fr. Blake and I walked around Brighton we mostly had sunny, though the air was chill.

UPDATE: The trip to Gatwick took about 1/2 and the check in with security only about 15 minutes, a real contrast to the last time I came through Gatwick, and it was total chaos.  So, being early, I found my airline lounge and am using time to work on the net for a bit.

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