Technical Problems continue


Folks, there were problems with the com box yesterday.  I fixed that.

I believe the feed problem is fixed.

The PODCAzT plugin is screwed up, and it has something to do with permalinks and the .htaccess.

I am going to have to get that resolved today. 

UPDATE:  Even as I type I am on skype with a very smart fellow in South Africa.

He has helped to fix the permalinks problem, which means that my links, comments and the PODCAzT player should all work again.

Hurray for Jacques!

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. I fixed it. There was a .htaccess problem.

    Thanks to the person who sent me WordPress for Dummies.

  2. Charles Ryder says:

    No, the RSS feed appears to be working just fine.

  3. Brian Day says:

    Live Bookmarks in Firefox is working fine.

  4. Gregg the obscure says:

    Bloglines feed works fine.

  5. Tom S. says:

    No Joy on the podcaZt, Father. Won’t stream, won’t download…

  6. So… Fr Z… does that mean that you’ll be keeping this theme, and adding a search engine, etc.? ! ! ! Sorry for the impatience, but your blog is such a goldmine.

  7. FHC says:

    Can’t open the podcast, and I’d really like to hear it.

  8. TNCath says:

    All is well on this end, as far as I can tell.

  9. ashley says:

    It’s working fine in google reader.

  10. cor ad cor loquitur says:

    After failing to get podcasts through subscribing to WDTPRS in itunes I now download the MP3 of the WDTPRS podcasts and manually load them into itunes; they go onto the ipod the next time I “sync”.

    Incidentally, Father, for some reason when I read WDTPRS using “Safari” on the ipod (it’s an “ipod touch” that can access a wireless network) it comes through in a nice clean blue and white design – the first time I saw this I thought you had redesigned the site. For what it’s worth I liked the overall look a lot better: blue and white for our Lady, a clean typeface, less clutter. I’m guessing that an iphone would give a similar look.

  11. Vincenzo says:

    All direct links to posts, such as the latest one re: the FSSP ( have numbers now: (2979, 2978, 2977, etc.) Past article links, such as those that had titles in the URLs, appear to be broken now.




    When I said I had technical problems… I MEANT IT.

  13. Raphaela says:

    Father, at the risk of telling you something you already know, your RSS feed was working perfectly here (Firefox Live Bookmarks) yesterday but has not been updating today. The last entry to show up in the list is the one titled “In vain have I searched”.

  14. Karen Russell says:

    The RSS feed is not working today on my Yahoo! page either. (I just checked it again before posting it; still stalled at “In vain have I searched”.

    I just downloaded and listened to your excellent podcazt on Communion in the hand, but the link to Prayercazt 18 appears to be broken. So I couldn’t get my Latin “fix.” : )

    Thank you for your excellent work you are doing here.

  15. Mark M says:

    I am unsure the technical problems are fixed.

    The feed is showing (for me):
    In vain have I searched;
    Technical problem;
    La Cross: new old church; etc.

    The posts of today, and this one, appear missing!

  16. Mark M says:

    Okay, you did something and it all works now! Must’ve been cached, or whatever… Thanks, Father!

  17. Father Z, it’s my pleasure. Now back to trying to get the itunes feed to work.

  18. Vincenzo says:

    Fr. Z. wrote:

    “He has helped to fix the permalinks problem, which means that my links, comments and the PODCAzT player should all work again.
    Hurray for Jacques!”

    Yeah! God bless him.

  19. Jaques: I am grateful for the expert help.

    When we do the theme change/upgrade, we will appreciate your help again!

  20. Karen Russell says:

    This time the prayercazt worked. Thank you!

  21. I am glad the PRAYERCAzT worked as well.

    I wonder… does that mean I should make another one?


  22. Scott says:

    Everything is working fine on my AT&T Yahoo webpage concerning WDTPRS!

  23. Um… I timed it this time, just now. My comment (for the Rome pilgrimage) took 9 minutes to appear in the “recent comments” list (but only on the home page, and not on the page on which it was made). Then, after what, 23 minutes altogether, the comment itself showed up on its proper page. Sometimes the time is shorter, even instantaneous (only twice in all these months I’ve been commenting). But it’s almost always taking this long… Am I the only one? Is this just traffic on feedburner?

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