Thanks are due: tea, books and donations

Upon my return home from Ol’ Blighty I found a wondrous pile of little boxes all heaped up Santa-like… waiting for my prying fingers!

First, there was an envelope from the UK.  Family Piublications fired off to me a copy of Aidan Nichols newest, The Realm: An Unfashionable Essay on the Conversion of England.   Since I cannot find this book on Amazon, I can’t give you a link.  This is the book which caused little stir a while back.

Also, the kind folks at Roman Catholic Books sent me Sacred Then and Sacred Now: The Return of the Old Latin Mass by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Then I happily starting ripping open the little boxes to find what people had sent me from my Amazon wish list!

Many thanks to the kind soul who sent me the excellent mo li hua cha … Chinese jasmine tea.  I immediately made a cup.   Alas, there was no invoice with the name of the person who sent it.  It’s delicious.

MP of Denmark sent me The Liturgy Betrayed by Denis Crouan and Marc Sebanc.

KK of KY sent WordPress For Dummies, a book I obviously need.

So, as I sit here with a grin amidst heaps of torn cardboard and bits of plastic wrapper, I am truly grateful for the generosity you readers demonstrate.  Getting these books helps me keep up to date with the issues and arguments.  They also are a concrete sign of your support. 

Another concrete sign of support comes from those of you who have recently used the donation button on the side bar and some posts. You are tops! 

Another way to support the blog will be by voting in the Catholic Blog Awards, which is coming up in a while.  I hope WDTPRS can count on you this time as in the past.  Nominating and voting is a bit of a pain, since you have to register, but perhaps you will take the time and effort. 

These awards accomplish something important: they establish benchmarks for this blog and will make us a bit harder to take down when I get behind the scenes "pressure".

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  1. the registering is a pain..

  2. Mark M says:


    It is on the Amazon UK catalogue, if you want to use that?

  3. MP of Denmark says:

    I bought the tea aswell. I hope you enjoyed it. Kind regards from Denmark.

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