Visiting Farnborough Abbey

Yesterday, on the way to Oxford with a friend, I stopped at Farnborough Abbey, which was an important site for the Liturgical Movement of the 20th century.  

Abbot Cuthbert showed us around.  He was very kind.

They recently acquired the spectacular marble altars from Mill Hill, which are now being installed.

Napolean III is buried in the crypt. 


The church has some splendid gargoyles!


We stayed long enough for Nones, before having to leave.  You can see and hear a short clip.

The Abbot gave me some interesting books, which I will report on when I have a little more time.

I am grateful to Abbot Cuthbert for the kindness he showed us during the all too brief visit.


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  1. John Collorafi says:

    The altars look impressive and, I note wistfully, perfectly suited for the
    traditional Mass.

  2. elizabeth mckernan says:

    Pleased you are seeing something of our country. Yes Napoleon III is buried in Farnborough – and the French would like him returned!

  3. Transitional Deacon says:

    Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the gargoyles is?

    Sacred Heart Basilica in Newark, NJ has wonderful gargoyles also. I think they look cool, but I don’t understand their symbolism or purpose.

  4. Simon Platt says:

    Gargoyles are just decorative water spouts.

  5. Simon: Gargoyles are just decorative water spouts.

    And your point is…?

  6. mbd says:

    Was this not Dom Alcuin Reed’s Abbey?

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