WDTPRS kudos to The Hermeneutic of Continuity

WDTPRS send blogo-hermeneutical kudos to the great Fr. Finigan of The Hermeneutic of Continuity for his continuous service in the blogosphere. 

Fr. Finigan’s project just reached a milestone of half a million visitors, which is most gratifying.

Imagine what will happen to his blog when he is named as the next Archbishop of Westminster and elevated to the Sacred Purple!

Will he remember all of us, d’ya think? 

Do you ‘spose he’d bring me on as Vicar of Online Ministries? 

Maybe create a CyberChapter and make me a Canon, or something?

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Augustinus says:

    How wonderful it would be if Fr Finigan was appointed to Westminster. God knows we need someone of his ilk, not only in Westminster but in every diocese of England and Wales.

    However, unless Fr Z you’re privy to what will be happening with the Westminster succession (and it would be wonderful if you are and that you are right), many of us will take a lot of convincing that we will get such a worthy and needed appointment. You must know from your travels over here and discourse with good, sound priests and lay-folk, what the real episcopal situation is here. It will be very difficult for one good man to break through the Eccleston Square ‘club’, its executive wing, the bishops’ conference and its Rome liaison officer, the Nuncio. I am genuinely not being cynical when I say that – it is a fairly accurate reflection of the desperate straights we’re in over here.

  2. Hugh says:

    ‘Cybercanon’, maybe?

  3. Hugh: Heaven’s NO! A real canon! With all the gear.

  4. Richard says:

    Half a million is truly impressive; according to the latest statistics, average Sunday Mass attendance for the whole of England was 875,000.

  5. Richard: You do know that those 500,000 people were actually on his blog all on the same Sunday, right?


  6. pattif says:

    I don’t think you want to be a Canon in Westminster, Father. They’ve ditched the cappa and the bunny rabbit fur, and the replacement is woeful. You have to wonder about their sense of timing…

  7. Even if he were made an honorary canon, Fr. Z would presumably have to be incardinated into the diocese of Westminster first.

    I think he could then wear all the traditional rig, including, in England, red buttons on a black cassock.

  8. Dr. Wright: I don’t think that is precisely correct. I believe that it is possible to be a canon of a place but not be incardinated in that place. For example, the entire chapter of canons of St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as the other basilicas in Rome, are not incardinated in Rome. There are canons of the Cathedral of my (suburbicarian) diocese who are not incardinated in the diocese.

  9. pattif: Yes, but we are talking about a CyberChapter. That means we could come up with something different.

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