Another Black/Red variation! ROLF!

  I tip my black biretta  o{]:¬)   to The Black Biretta who presents another set of helpful texts.  One has a variation on Say The Black – Do The Red



ROFL!!  When Fr. Triglio is made a bishop will he change the blog name to The Paonazza Biretta?  (Great name for a bishop’s blog…)

It is so true that bad liturgy, unfaithful liturgy will kill vocations dead.  Great point!  Where liturgical life is strong, faithful and traditional, vocations to the priesthood emerge because young men will resonate with it.  That is the case with women’s religious vocations, too.

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And don’t forget the other volumes!


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  1. gdr says:

    ahahahah excellent!

  2. hahahahahaha, hillarious :), just what I needed to brighten up my day.

  3. hahahahahaha, hillarious :), just what I needed to brighten up my day. I saw them at the Relgious Ed Congress in LA. (I snatched them off the shelves, so that no one could buy them)

  4. Cel says:

    “Where liturgical life is strong, faithful and traditional, vocations to the priesthood emerge”

    This is so true. Young men (and old) want to believe in something but it has to be real, it has to be significant. It is the same reason that young men join the military. Even if there part is small they want it to make a difference.

    I think the other factor in this equation is a real sense of “You are needed”, or as Uncle Sam put it on the old army poster “I Want You”. People really need the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Penance. Those two are like breathing and eating. And only a priest can do it. It struck me one day looking at a picture of a nun kneeling in an adoration chapel. I was thinking about how much our church needs the prayers of such beautiful women and then I was struck by how much she depends on the man, the priest who shows up every day at the convent to hold mass for these brides of Christ. They can’t do this on their own, (even if they want too but that is a different problem) if the priest doesn’t show, they don’t get fed.

    This is what young men need to hear, that they are needed. That it is not easy, that sacrifices must be made but if they don’t do it the people of God will starve and wither.

    As a side note, coming from evangelicalism, I think this is one of the problems they have and we see it in Catholic liberalism, that they don’t have a strong sense of dependence on each other. We want to be able to do Lone Ranger Christianity, just my God and Me and no one else. We rail at having to depend on another for anything but that is the way Jesus made his Church, to work together toward salvation. People depending on priests for the eucharist and confession, priests depending on the people for offerings and labor. It is also the problem in families, wifes don’t want to find themselves financially dependent on husbands but their jobs rob children of a mother’s tender love. The list goes on forever of course.

    I will leave it with just one more thought on what can spur vocations. This one is for the ladies, sorry if it sounds extreme but I truly believe that it will make a difference. Chapel Veils. The corollary is to have no alter girls. If women will show such beautiful submission and humility toward our Lord I think they will be surprised how men will step forward to lead and serve. They will become alter boys and seminarians. Even in secular life I think we will find more becoming husbands, soldiers, hard workers and moral civic leaders. I think the ladies will be surprised by how many men start opening doors for them again as well.

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