Chicago’s Card. George crowns an image of Christ… traditionally

There is some video available from the coronation of an image of Christ at the Institute of Christ the King’s church in Chicago.  His Eminence Francis Card. George, Archbishop of Chicago, did the honors.

Part I


Part II



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  1. Chicago Catholic says:

    I was at this event. After this crowning ceremony there was a Tridentine Mass, the first I have ever attended. Thank you for posting this, as I wasn’t able to see very well what was going on.

    A couple of points. This Church is in a rather poor, rather dangerous neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, quite close to the University of Chicago. The Church building suffered a bad fire many years ago, and the parish was in decline. The Archdiocese planned to close the parish because the church was in need of so much work to fix it up and there weren’t many parishioners.

    The local Alderman caused a political controversy over the planned closing, threatening to make the building an historic site that could not be altered. In the midst of the controversy, the Institute of Christ the King asked to be allowed to use the Church, and Cardinal George was pleased to agree.

    You can tell when the camera scans the congregation that the building is rather sparse – this is the result of the fire. There is no ceiling either, as it was burned out. The altar decorations are a trompe d’oieux (probably mis-spelled – sorry, my French is rusty) – a painted background that gives the appearance of sculpture. They have done a lot of good to revitalize this Church. May this congregation continue to be blessed!

    Finally, you may also note that the Cardinal has a limp as he walks, and needs a bit of help. This is because he suffers from the effects of polio he had as a child.

    God bless.

  2. David O'Rourke says:

    The temporary decorations in this sparse building show the “magic touch” that the Institute of Christ The King seems to bring to whatever apostolate they take on. They are not ones for cutting corners. I am confident that when the building is completed as planned we will see a truly splendid church which will house a truly splendid liturgy.

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