Keep your ears for the Holy Father’s Thursday sermons

Keep your eyes peeled for English translations of the Holy Father’s sermons for the Chrism Mass and the Mass of the Lord’s Supper.


Today is too high impact for me to work through a translation.

In the EWTN coverage there was a pretty sound simultaneous translation.

In the Chrism Mass he focused on the person of the priest, who is he.  Among othe things the Holy Father returns to what he wrote about in Sacramentum caritatis, the proper sense of ars celebrandi.

I can’t write about the content of the sermon for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, for it is still under embargo and it can’t be released until it is pronounced.  However, it will mainly focus on the meaning of Jesus’s washing the feet of the apostles.  Though it isn’t cited directly, I sense in the background Pope Benedict’s familiarity with St. Augustine’s commentary on the Gopel of John, probably the greatest comment on John evern made.  In any event, there is a strong patristic hermeneutic.

Also, the collection taken up at the Mass will go to support the Orphanage "La edad de Oro" in Havana, Cuba.

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  1. Prof. Basto says:


  2. bryan says:

    I would echo the good Professor’s thanks, also.

    The example you continue to set, as well as your obvious love of Christ and His Church is a beacon of hope.

    And I will add my prayer for many more of your faith and devotion to be called to His service.

  3. Maureen says:

    Thank you to all priests, including and especially those on the Internet with whom I disagree!

    And thank you, Fr. Z, for doing all you do. This blog is the least of it, I know, but it really helps.

  4. Yes, it seems often as though the only norm in the Ordinary Form is the complete lack of norms , or barely suppressed chaos. Those who seek order must “love Him more than these”. And, as Fr Z shows, humor can smooth the way.
    Haurietis Aquas

  5. Joseph says:

    Thank God for our priests.

  6. Emilio III says:

    All six of the Holy Father’s homilies are posted here:

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