Oldie PODCAzT 15: Augustine – Christ is Vine and Life (in today’s Office of Readings)

Here is a an oldie PODCAzT from last year.  Yes… I am into recycling.

This PODCAzT was dated 14 April 2007, and I was in Rome. It was Wednesday of Holy Week, as today is, so we can use it today to hear the second reading from the Office of Readings in the Liturgia horarum.

However, I made reference to audio recordings of the Internet Prayer made in a couple languages, which were, alas, lost when I did a server migration.  Eventually they will be replaced.

I hope over the last year the quality of these recordings has improved!  There are a couple sharp bumps in this one, I’m afraid.  I was learning then, and I am still learning now. At least these days I don’t have the sound of Roman buses in the background.


Today’s PODCAzT concerns the second reading from the Office of Readings, taken from St. Augustine of Hippo’s commentary on John 15:13 in tr. Io. eu 84.  I also talk about St. Isidore of Seville as a possible patron of the internet and the prayer I wrote. 

I am a bit stuffed up today from a touch of allergies, and you can hear it in the recording.  Life is popping out here, now that it is spring. 

Since today was a super busy day, I put this together pretty fast after getting home from a trip down to Velletri for the Chrism Mass this evening.


The Latin:

Plenitudinem dilectionis qua nos invicem diligere debemus, fratres carissimi, definivit Dominus dicens: Maiorem hac dilectionem nemo habet, ut animam suam ponat quis pro amicis suis. Fit ex hoc consequens, quod idem iste evangelista Ioannes in epistola sua dicit: Ut quemadmodum Christus pro nobis animam suam posuit, sic et nos debeamus pro fratribus animas ponere; diligentes utique invicem sicut ipse dilexit nos, qui pro nobis animam suam posuit.
Nimirum hoc est quod legitur in Proverbiis Salomonis: Si sederis cenare ad mensam potentis, considerans intellege quae apponuntur tibi; et sic mitte manum tuam, sciens quia talia te oportet praeparare. Nam quae mensa est potentis, nisi unde sumitur corpus et sanguis eius qui animam suam posuit pro nobis? Et quid est ad eam sedere, nisi humiliter accedere? Et quid est considerare et intellegere quae apponuntur tibi, nisi digne tantam gratiam cogitare? Et quid est sic mittere manum, ut scias quia talia te oportet praeparare, nisi quod iam dixi, quia sicut pro nobis Christus animam suam posuit, sic et nos debemus animas pro fratribus ponere? Sicut enim ait apostolus Petrus: Christus pro nobis passus est, relinquens nobis exemplum, ut sequamur vestigia eius. Hoc est talia praeparare. Hoc beati martyres ardenti dilectione fecerunt; quorum si non inaniter memorias celebramus, atque in convivio quo et ipsi saturati sunt, ad mensam Domini accedimus, oportet, ut quemadmodum ipsi, et nos talia praeparemus.
Ideo quippe ad ipsam mensam non sic eos commemoramus, quemadmodum alios qui in pace requiescunt, ut etiam pro eis oremus, sed magis ut ipsi pro nobis, ut eorum vestigiis adhaereamus; quia impleverunt ipsi caritatem qua Dominus dixit non posse esse maiorem. Talia enim suis fratribus exhibuerunt, qualia de Domini mensa pariter acceperunt.
Neque hoc ita dictum sit, quasi propterea Domino Christo pares esse possimus, si pro illo usque ad sanguinem martyrium duxerimus. Ille potestatem habuit ponendi animam suam, et iterum sumendi eam; nos autem nec quantum volumus vivimus, et morimur etiamsi nolumus; ille moriens mox in se occidit mortem, nos in eius morte liberamur a morte; illius caro non vidit corruptionem, nostra post corruptionem, in fine saeculi per illum induetur incorruptionem; ille nobis non indiguit ut nos salvos faceret, nos sine illo nihil possumus facere; ille se nobis palmitibus praebuit vitem, nos habere praeter illum non possumus vitam.
Postremo etsi fratres pro fratribus moriantur, tamen in fraternorum peccatorum remissionem nullius sanguis martyris funditur, quod fecit ille pro nobis; neque in hoc quid imitaremur, sed quid gratularemur contulit nobis. Quatenus ergo martyres pro fratribus sanguinem suum fuderunt, hactenus talia exhibuerunt, qualia de mensa dominica perceperunt. Diligamus ergo invicem, sicut et Christus dilexit nos, et tradidit semetipsum pro nobis. 


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  1. Mark M says:

    Father: I don’t imagine you’ll get any stick for this, but in case you do, I want to be one who says “Thank you!” for recycling the older podcast. My iTunes is set to zap things eventually, and I find it really refreshing to listen to things again.

    [off-topic (and not inviting anyone else’s comments, particularly): is there any further resolution to the Second Confiteor question? I am embroiled in a debate about whether it is licit or not and it is getting confusing.]

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