Pontifical halfpipe

About that papal skateboard:

Biretta tip   o{]:¬)   to Fr. Blake and the Curt Jester.  

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  1. Skateboards?Really? says:

    Giving a skateboard to the Pope is the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. How about a contest to design the most tasty loaf of pasteurized processed cheese spread for the Dali Lama? Or a competition to find the most complete paperclip collection to be given to the Archbishop of Canterbury? Note: when giving a gift to someone, its usually polite to consider what they would like, not what you’re into.

  2. Giving a gift to the Pope is rarely about what the Pope himself would like. That is not why people give gifts to the Pope.

  3. Skateboards?Really? says:

    That is why I would give a gift to the Pope, Fr. Z.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Oh brother. I don’t think anyone could give a gift to the pope of what he REALLY wants (i.e., world peace, fraternal charity, environmental stewardship, renewal of Catholic education, etc.). As for material gifts, I doubt he cares what you get him, though I’m sure he appreciates the gesture. I think the pic is funny and I am going to send it to my teenage brother who does skateboarding!

  5. Enough with the snipping.

  6. Skateboards?Really? says:

    Sour grapes, indeed.

  7. Every preppy knows you can’t skate in loafers.

  8. Fr Ray Blake says:

    It was that Jester, ‘e dunnit, Guv. Me, I just borrowed it, found it on ‘is site, I did!

    But thanks for the tip.

  9. it does go to show that anything can be done in a cassock.

  10. Kradcliffe says:

    Well, if it makes the kids happy, why not? I’m sure Popes have been given all sorts of essentially useless things over the years. (Where do they keep all that stuff, anyway? I mean, the stuff that isn’t some fantastic bejeweled chalice given by a Holy Roman Emperor or whatever?)

  11. Aesop says:

    “Sour Grapes” does not mean just being annoyed, hyper-critical, or lacking in humor. It means to claim that something you really wanted, but cannot have or attain, was probably not any good to begin with. For example, the nice-looking grapes that remain out of reach after many attempts to snatch them are said to have probably been sour any way.

  12. Gordon says:

    I like this picture! Tho I can’t see the Pope actually using the thing

  13. (heavy snark) Gosh, who would wear white to a skateboard park!?! That can’t be an authentic photo! Is that a joke!

    And I think my readers don’t get me….

    But, the snow tonight sure is pretty (deliberately tangential comment) :-)

  14. Melody says:

    How about imported Fanta and an invitation to a classical music concert?

    I really always try to get people things they like.

  15. david andrew says:

    Maybe the Holy Father can get “Sketchers” to make him a gnarly-rad pair of red shoes to wear when he “gleams the cube,” dude!

    This is right up there with the funny pic (which wasn’t photoshopped) of the Holy Father receiving what looked like a palantir when he was in Austria.

    Love it, love it, love it!

  16. Beth V. says:

    Pretty funny on the Curt Jester’s part! It looks a lot like Vincenzo’s work. Maybe they’re really the same person. (Jeff?)
    As for the sour grapey person, cheer up. The N.Y. Diocese is just trying to get the children interested and involved in the Papal visit. The skateboard contest is for them, not so much for Pope Benedict and because of that he will love it. He will definitley appreciate it more than the priceless jewel encrusted scimitar that the King of Saudi Arabia gave him.

  17. Wyvern says:

    When I was sixteen at my church’s annual picnic, I went skateboarding with a 29yr old brother who was there. He may not be the Pope, but that was kind of a friendly reminder that skating doesnt make you a punk and should create a social stygma against the person performing, it is just a fun sport. I would totally give the Pope a skateboard, probably one of the Jamie Thomas decks with the Virgin Mary on it.

  18. Wyvern says:

    My mistake…
    Let me correct one of those sentences, I managed to leave out a word.

    …doesnt make you a punk and should NOT create a social stygma…

    BTW the Brother was a Dominican.

  19. all His Holiness lacks are red Chuck Taylors. snazzy.

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