RSS feed complaints

I got this by e-mail:

Since February 25th my RSS feed reader has only been pulling down the first three lines of text from your blog posts.  Prior to 2/25 all of your posts would appear with the full text and any graphics and/or any audio/video.  Now I must go to your blog in order to read all of your sage commentary, thereby defeating the purpose of a feed reader.  Is there any way to go back to the Traditional RSS?  This modernist truncation of the RSS feed is harming my active participation in your blog. 


Folks.. I have posted again and again that I have had feed problems and I have asked your patience. 

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  1. Albert Bloomfield says:

    I still get the whole posts. I’m using google reader with this feed

  2. Arieh says:


    I use Google Reader too, but my RSS feed is and it only pulls down the first three lines of text. Do you know if there is a way to change the feed URL without losing all previous posts? I don’t see a way change the URL without creating a whole new subscription–which would force me to have two WDTPRS feeds or I would have to dump the old one.

    Google Reader keeps the last 2000 posts on my computer, a convenient feature for a laptop. I would have to lose my Fr. Z history.

  3. Paul says:

    That’s a funny e-mail Father Z!

  4. Mark M says:


    I’m Google Reader too, but my feed is pointed at and I get the whole post.

    Arieh, sadly I don’t know how to change it, but I recall there is a way!!

  5. Arieh says:

    Well, there is no way to edit the URL, you just have to do a new subscription. However, my fears of losing my indispensable Fr. Z history was completely unfounded. The new subscription will pull down all posts as far back as you can scroll. So, my feed problem is solved! Thanks!

  6. Alli says:

    Very cleverly worded, though :)

  7. Maria S. says:

    Works fine for me. I get the feed via google reader and the Live Journal feed I created, which I prefer. It’s here for anyone who has an LJ wants to add it.

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