Where are you?

Here is a snapshot from the last few minutes of some of the places the blog’s software is detecting you are connecting from. 

Since sometimes you may be connecting to the internet through some node at some distance, these are only approximations.

Columbus, Ohio
Montvale, New Jersey
Los Angeles, California
Fremont, California
Nola, Campania
Dallas, Texas
London, London, City of
Liberty, South Carolina
Piedmont, South Carolina
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Monroe Township, New Je…
Los Angeles, California
Dahlonega, Georgia
Herndon, Virginia
Newton Lower Falls, Mas…
Rocklin, California
Denver, Colorado
Broadway, North Carolina
Brussels, Brussels Hoof…
Franeker, Friesland
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bury Saint Edmunds, Nor…
New York
Trenton, New Jersey
Denver, Colorado
Rome, Lazio
Jonesboro, Georgia
Colchester, Essex
Tampa, Florida
Denver, Colorado
Largo, Florida
Makati, Rizal
San Diego, California   1
Struthers, Ohio
Naples, Florida
Clovis, California
Houston, Texas
Sacramento, California
Greenville, South Carol…
Claremorris, Mayo
Vienna, Wien
Youngstown, Ohio
Centreville, Virginia
Bury Saint Edmunds, Nor…
New York
Blacksburg, Virginia
College Station, Texas
Milford, Michigan
Notre Dame, Indiana
Houston, Texas
Vitria, Espirito Santo
Jackson Heights, New York
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Coeur D Alene, Idaho
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Irving, Texas
Steubenville, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio
Summit, New Jersey
O Fallon, Illinois
Trenton, New Jersey
Cincinnati, Ohio
Jaclupan, Cebu
Bronx, New York
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Lee Center, New York
Busan, Pusan-jikhalsi
Monasterevan, Kildare
New Orleans, Louisiana
Atlanta, Georgia
Boston, Massachusetts
Hamden, Connecticut
Newton Grove, North Car…
Bronx, New York
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Little Rock, Arkansas
Powell, Ohio
Annapolis, Maryland
Saint Paul, Minnesota
New York
Springfield, Virginia
Providence, Rhode Island
Alexandria, Virginia
San Antonio, Texas
Irving, Texas
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Jamestown, North Dakota
Dayton, Ohio
Bloomington, Illinois
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Correggio, Emilia-Romagna
Aberdeen, Ohio
Clementon, New Jersey
Punta Arenas, Magallane…
Saint Louis, Missouri
Waterford Works, New Je…
Grove City, Ohio
Austin, Texas
Shakopee, Minnesota
Taylors, South Carolina
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Chestnut Hill, Massachu…
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Nideggen, Nordrhein-Wes…
Lake Mary, Florida
London, London, City of
Nideggen, Nordrhein-Wes…
Lake Mary, Florida
Fairport, New York
Mankato, Minnesota
Makati, Rizal
Richmond, Virginia
Philippine, Benguet
Corpus Christi, Texas
Smithtown, New York
Matlock, Derbyshire
New Hyde Park, New York
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Rochester, New York
San Francisco, California
Smithtown, New York
Matlock, Derbyshire
Rochester, New York
San Francisco, California
Greenbelt, Maryland
Vienna, Wien
Pilot Point, Texas
Bristol, Rhode Island
Kearny, New Jersey
New York
Amagasaki, Hyogo
Bristol, Bristol, City of

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. How very grateful we all are to you, Father Z. Thank you ro all you do! God Bless

  2. Ron D says:

    Good morning, Fr. Z. Have you ever thought about adding little community pages on your site where traditional-minded catholics could meet each other? I often see nearby communities on your “Where are you” posts, but of course have no way of finding out who they are. In a community such as mine where any sort of devotion in liturgy is hard to come by, building a network such as this might help encourage change.

    God reward you,
    Ron Draganowski
    Cedar Rapids, IA

  3. Ohio Annie says:

    I second Ron D.’s idea. Our diocese is a trainwreck yet I see a listing from my home town which has a very unfaithful priest (no clericals, no Latin at all at any time, no alb and
    stole in the confessional, believes women can be priests, etc.) and I’d like to know where
    this person listed goes to Mass. I suspect elsewhere as I do…

  4. CPT Tom says:

    Father Z,

    You are light to those of us who walk in the darkness of Heterodoxy!

    Yours in Christ,

    –CPT Tom

    From the hinterlands of the Rochester Diocese in Corning, NY.

  5. mrs kimball says:

    Ave Maria It’s a nice day here in Vacaville Ca. Home of St. Mary’s where there is a TLM every Sunday at 4.

  6. Lynne says:

    Chestnut Hill, MA…home of that hotbed of orthodoxy (lol) Boston College.

    Although I’m sure there are students who would be interested in the WDTPRS subject matter or, perhaps Dr Peter Kreeft.

  7. suaso! says:


    From Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, NC.
    (I myself am from Rock Hill, SC)

  8. RichR says:

    Finally! College Station, TX is getting its recognition. I think Fr. Z. just added it because I pout so much every time I miss one of these tallies.

  9. Wow! Colchester, Essex! That’s me! Thank you Father!

  10. David O'Rourke says:

    Too bad you can’t publish which of the correspondents lives where. Of course for any number of reasons you can’t but it would be fun to attach names to places. When replying (favourably or otherwise) to someone is it to someone in Nebraska or Canterbury? Who knows?

    Of coure there are clues nd the sharp eyed reader will know from my spelling of “favourably” that I am not an American and, in fact I live in Toronto.

  11. Esther says:

    Missed it again. I guess the time difference will keep Hawaii from showing up.

  12. Fr. Z I must thank you, coming here is inspiration that I’m doing the right thing, in my archiocese of herodoxy, I’m glad there’s this site keeping everybody in line.

    Reporting from Walnut, CA trapped in the Archdiocese of LA.

  13. Father D says:

    Bet this is the 1st post from Kandahar in Afghanistan! Thank you Fr Z and all WDTPRS bloggers – you’ve kept this military chaplain sane over the last 6 months and encouraged me to offer the EF regularly for the safety of our troops.

  14. Suzi says:

    O!maha, Nebraska weighing in. Congratulations on ALL your blog awards!

  15. Treasa says:

    Dear Fr. Z.
    Perhaps I scrolled too fast to read your list – you have regular readers here in Sydney, Australia. We love your site and appreciate all the work you put into it. Thank God for the technology and the fast tracking of true news and teachings. God Bless you.

  16. Matt Q says:

    David O’Rourke wrote:

    “Too bad you can’t publish which of the correspondents lives where. Of course for any number of reasons you can’t but it would be fun to attach names to places. When replying (favourably or otherwise) to someone is it to someone in Nebraska or Canterbury? Who knows?

    Of coure there are clues and the sharp eyed reader will know from my spelling of “favourably” that I am not an American and, in fact I live in Toronto.”


    David, post an e-mail address for anyone who wants to contact you. As far as Father attaching names to places, that won’t happen. The bloggers of this site have the absolute right to privacy. If Father were to do that, this site becomes the poisoned well and it collapses from sheer disuse. No one would post if their info was displayed for all. Hope you see the logic in this.

  17. Paulo Arroyo says:

    Mi nombre es Paulo Arroyo y vivo en San Fernando, cerca de Buenos Aires. Argentina.
    Estimado Padre, que Dios lo bendiga. Su página es excelente!

  18. Kathy says:

    Happy Easter! Hello,from Birmingham, Alabama – EWTN country. I know that there are a few of us here in Birmingham that read WDTPRS and appreciate your lessons – thank you and GOD bless!

    Kathy Parker
    Birmingham, Alabama

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