WDTPRS baseball cap logo

A kind reader and JayHawks (congratulations!) fan recently sent me a suggestion for a WDTPRS logo for when the official WDTPRS baseball team is formed.

And since every good baseball cap has interlocked letters on it…

Hmmm… a little tough to work with is, I think, his point.

I don’t like even seeing the WDTPRS on the same page with the Yankees logo, but, there it is.  It at least helps to exemplify the theory.

I suspect this would have a really high stitch count!

Maybe some fearsome creature would be better after all.

Actually, if there is a graphic artist out there willing to do a little baseball related project, I would love an e-mail.

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  1. Commander Craig says:

    I thought for a second that Daffy Duck had added your RSS feed to his aggregator! (They don’t call it a bill for nothing).

  2. Cristhian says:

    Nice!, but the most coolest detail is the question mark inside the P.

  3. Gavin says:

    I like it a lot, although I don’t care for the question mark. I suspect there’s a good many people who would fork over some money for this, myself included.

  4. Todd says:

    If you used Latin text, there wouldn’t be as many letters: a cleaner look with less clutter.

  5. Todd: Must give that some thought. Off the top of my head…


  6. KK says:

    I said FIVE hot dogs!

  7. Aric says:

    Yankee haters, even in the nicest of crowds…

  8. Hibernus says:

    Some of the great teams just have a single letter on their caps – just think Boston Red Sox.

    Perhaps a single gothic script “Z”?

  9. The JayHawks fan has sent a revision:


  10. Dove says:

    I do like the revised version, especially since it is really a Latin word. Now the next question is–the colors, or is it a forgone conclusion that it has to be red and black?

  11. Thomas says:

    I was just starting to LOVE this site and the podcazt, and now Father lets loose on the Yankees, who are in essence the Catholic Church of MLB. 26 World Rings are the equivalent of our many saints, no? And all the other “teams” are just jealous.

    I will pray for your enlightenment Father. :)

  12. Louis E. says:

    Thomas,one must be forbearing toward Fr Z (especially on his own blog) when he falls victim to his inner Modernist…remember that he embraces the Novus Ordo Galactica and consigns St. Fluffy to the Void.

    But enlightenment can come to all…

  13. larry brooks says:

    Fr. I think both a great. Call aroudn and check prices on this stuff. Probably marektable for under $10. Heck you can give Rush a run for the money!

  14. One of the readers sent this! Well done!


  15. Maureen says:

    So is the name of your team the “Red/Black Sox”?

    Would that make you the “Red/Black Dux”?

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