A blog about the TLM at Lourdes

You all might want to go check out the new blog about the TLM at Lourdes called… wait for it…

TLM Lourdes.

Oddly, I have never been to Lourdes, and this gives me greater incentive to visit.

This blog seems to be mostly about when the TLM will be celebrated at that great Marian shrine.

It seems to have been created by one of the English speaking chaplains at the Shrine.


About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Marilyn says:

    Thank you, Father Z. I will be in Lourdes in June, and this site will be invaluable in helping us to find a TLM while we are there.

  2. I see that nothing escapes the all-seeing eye of Fr Z!

    In preparing the blog, I saw the stats page start to get hits especially from Europe and the Americas. Many hits pointed to WDTPRS. Thanks for that!

    Besides practical issues for the TLM, the blog will sport “walking tours” (series of pictures) of the Sanctuaries, from the Grotto near the river to the top of the small mountain on which the world famous Stations of the Cross are to be found.

    But don’t let being a virtual pilgrim stop you from putting good incentives to good use!

    There will plenty of everything entirely Catholic at TLM LOURDES, and much about the Immaculate Conception.

    I enjoy reading WDTPRS. You are, of course, blogrolled!

  3. Former Altar Boy says:

    Slightly off subject, as it regards Lourdes, but here a scoop regarding the TLM in San Diego, Calif.:
    Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, the auxiliary of San Diego, will celebrate the TLM at 0930 at St. Anne’s church in San Diego tomorrow, the feast of St. Pius V. (Is that a sign of thimgs to come? Let us pray!)

  4. magdalen says:

    I was in Lourdes four years ago and attended the Holy Mass in German,
    Dutch, Spanish, Italian and French as well as English! I made it a point
    to attend the first Mass of the day in the Grotto and then later we
    would have our own English Mass.

    I would be thrilled to attend a TLM there where we of all nations can
    pray as one people!

    on the side: one morning I was heading down to the sanctuary very early in
    the dark of the morning. Another lady had the same idea from my hotel.
    She was German and so we could not converse but we prayed the rosary together
    as we walked with half the prayers in English and the other half in German.
    It would have been nice to have prayed that together in Latin as well.

    Father Z–by all means go to Lourdes! The processions are soul-lifting.

  5. Fr. Byers: Thanks for starting that blog. You can still come around to WDTPRS, however!


  6. The Faith in France was hit hard by the enlightenment. The TLM will go a long ways in restoring the Faith in France.

  7. schoolman says:

    The Holy Father will be at Lourdes offering Mass for the pilgrims this coming September 14th — the feast of the exaltation of the cross and the one year anniversary of Summorum Pontificum.

  8. leo says:

    this is a good start i heared Mass in the upper basilica and it was adialogue mass without a server better than nothing , usually lourdes is a place where i try to go to as little liturgy as possible though this year the institue of christ the king had the most glorious high mass , the treasury is full of amazing vestments but the normal services are very plain jane the afternoon procession of the blessed sacrament isnt worth going to any more as its always indoors and everyone wears cream nylon very space age.I cant understand why one chapel cannot be permantely set up for the old mass with its own sacristy if only a traditional order could be stationed there

  9. leo says:

    its interesting to see that this year the 1950s liturgie altar has been taken out of the grotto to be replaced with a large rock , the statue no longer has a halo and all of the crutchs that used to hang as ex votos have all disappeared

  10. Fr Z wrote: Fr. Byers: Thanks for starting that blog. You can still come around to WDTPRS, however!

  11. Dunno how that happened! The whole message was:

    Fr Z wrote: Fr. Byers: Thanks for starting that blog. You can still come around to WDTPRS, however!

    — You’re welcome! And I could never willingly give up on reading WDTPRS. While my specialty is the Immaculate Conception in Scripture, this can only bring me to have a greater thirst for the Sacred Liturgy. That will be the thrust of my comments on the Immaculate Conception, hopefully bringing many others to a more profound, a more actively receptive participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mas.

    I’ll be rearranging the blog in the coming days, and I’ll put up my official email address from the Sanctuaries to make things even easier.

    His Hermeneuticalness has been corresponding with me about the TLM and Lourdes. I must say that he has great pastoral savoir-faire.

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