Feeder report – and thanks

You have met Mr. Indigo bunting.

A sparrow comes in for a landing.

Please meet the Missus.  First time I have really seen her around.

This is Mrs. Bunting.  She is rather aggresive, bumping sparrows out of the way with nary a second glance.

I saw yet another male, seemingly moulting.

The Buntings are a growing concern here.

Also, I am enjoying right now a nice hot cup of Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong.  Thanks to the kind person who sent it to me.

Thanks also to a kind reader who sent a very welcome card in advance of my anniversary.  Much appreciated.

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  1. Peg says:

    Beautiful, clear pictures Padre. Do you use a tripod? Wish I had time for Oolong and bird watching…maybe when we really retire.

  2. An American Mother says:

    Father, do you have a good field guide?

    I’m still a big fan of Roger Tory Peterson . . .

  3. Peg: No. I shoot these as I see them, mostly in very bad conditions. That is, I often shoot them through dirty glass windows!

  4. An American Mother: Actually,I don’t have a good guide. I will look up what you mention.

  5. Peg: You do have time for Oolong. Right now. You do.

  6. LeonG says:

    Lovely shots of buntings. It is good to have a vantage point the birds are not aware of. darkened windows help too. Birds certainly do have their own pecking order both within and without the several kinds. Here in SE Asia we can bird-watch while we work at the window. Hornbills are extremely beautiful to contemplate. There are sparrows here too and pigeons! Under the eaves of our house are contained several nests with Asian Glossy Starlings. And so on. Local Sabah tea goes well with working at the window.

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