N. Alabama: TLMs available

I got this by e-mail:

Two Masses this Weekend I’m happy to announce that the Extraordinary Form will be available both in Birmingham and in Huntsville this Sunday, June 1.

Bishop David Foley will offer Low Mass in Birmingham at Blessed Sacrament at 2:00pm and Fr. Alan Mackey will offer Low Mass in Huntsville at St. Mary of the Visitation at 3:00pm.

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  1. Legisperitus says:

    Is this the Bishop Foley who had forbidden the broadcasting of ad orientem Masses from Hanceville???

  2. peretti says:

    I don’t remember hearing or reading about Bishop Foley being open to the TLM. Perhaps now that he is retired, he has decided to take it up. At any rate, it sounds like good news, and I wish him many more TLM Masses. Here in Denver, we are excited about the ordination of our new auxiliary. Bishop James Conley was ordained on May 30th. Word has it that he is rather friendly toward the TLM. This is good news, indeed, as at present there is only one parish in the city limits of Denver offering the TLM. We are hoping that Bishop Conley will encourage more of them.

  3. Ole Doc Farmer says:

    While auxiliary of Richmond, Bishop Foley celebrated the TLM regularly, at least twice a year.

  4. Pope Evaristus, Martyr says:

    Those are very difficult times to maintain a Mass.

    Those are bad times.

  5. Michael J says:

    Bishop Robert Baker is the current Bishop of the Diocese of Birmingham and, IMO is largely responsible for the availability of the Traditional Mass. I’m not entirely sure where Bishop Foley “stands” but from what I understand, his decision to request that EWTN refrain from broadcasting of ad orientem Masses had little to do with a dislike of Traditional Catholicism.

    As to the times… well you take what you can get. 2:00 PM every other Sunday or 3:00 PM every Sunday is better than never. It makes observance of the traditional fast quite difficult though. Is anyone familliar with the traditional guidelines for a Eucharistic fast if the Mass is to be held late in the afternoon?

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