Vatican: end of Marian month at San Pietro

The conclusion of the month dedicated to Mary was broadcast, live, this evening from the Piazza of San Pietro.

The Holy Father came at the end and gave a splendid brief reflection.

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  1. I see not many people go for the Masses in St. Peter’s Square anymore. Would it not be better to relocate these large Masses to the High Altar instead? This crowd would certainly fit inside the Basilica.

  2. Jonathan: This wasn’t a Mass.

  3. Padre Steve says:

    Wow, beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting this! God bless! Padre Steve

  4. Joannie says:

    Wow, I’m impressed with your speed, Father– I just returned home from this, and you already have it up! : ) It was a very beautiful evening!

  5. Lacrimarum Valle says:

    I was in London today for a family event and called in at Westminster Cathedral for Confession on my way home. Imagine my delight to find “A Day With Mary” was in progress – and the Cathedral was packed with people. Sadly I had time only to stay for the Glorious Mysteries and half an hour of Eucharistic Adoration. It was beautiful.

    In St Paul’s bookshop next to the Cathedral I noticed a new section for “Traditional Rite” – and I was able to buy a brand new 1962 Roman Missal! There is quite a range of liturgical books, and interestingly the shelves were almost empty : best sellers, or not well stocked? Which do you think? There were quite a few books of the “teach yourself Latin” variety as well – and on the children’s shelves. Hurray!

    So I had a very good day indeed, thank you very much. I hope you all did too.

  6. aaron says:

    Wonderful conclusion to the Mese Mariano: uniquely two great feasts of Mary on this last day of May.

    Thanks for the pics. I sense the Holy Father looks somewhat drawn and very tired in the concluding pics of the Devotions. Oremus pro pontefice nostro…

  7. aaron says:

    Wonderful end to the Mese Mariano. Lovely pics too of the last evening of May in the Piazza. Unique too, in that the two great feasts of Our Blessed Lady come together today.

    Am I alone in my concern for the Holy Father – he looks quite drawn and tired in the final pics at the conclusion of the Devotions? Oremus pro pontefice nostro…

  8. cordelia says:

    yes aaron i thought the same thing… maybe the lack of a chausable makes him look thinner?

  9. I find this Marian devotion very edifying!

  10. Johnny Domer says:

    Is it just me, or does His Holiness look a bit older and more worn out in these pictures? If anyone who saw it got the opposite impression, I shall willingly stand corrected.

    I hope he’s ok…pray for him.

  11. Limbo says:

    Would have been wonderful to have been there. You are very blessed Joannie !

    Yes, the Holy Father looks very tired here. Please God keep him strong and well.

  12. TJM says:

    Father Z, I could not agree with you more. Many of my happiest memories growing up as a Catholic was the annual May Procession. It was always such a wonderful experience. I am so glad Pope Benedict is making Marian devotions front and center again. The false ecumenism of the 1960s unfortunately put our Blessed Mother in a minor role because many “Churchmen” were afraid of committing the greatest sin of the 20th century, “offense” to non-Catholics. Long live the Benedictine Era! Tom

  13. Petrus says:

    Johnny Domer: I was thinking the exact same. I hope he is doing well!

  14. Joannie says:

    To ease any worry, the Holy Father looked very bright and chipper on Sunday morning at the Angelus. When his voice rang out with enthusiasm, I noted that it was a little fuller than usual. The procession took place in the evening, after a long day. We should pray for him, like we should always pray for him, but I wouldn’t start sounding alarms for the poor man.

  15. Judy says:

    I thought the Holy Father looked great…. Maybe a little thinner since he wasn’t wearing a load of vestments, but great for the weight of the world he bears.

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