Oldie PODCAzT 30: Augustine on Peter and John; singing a Tridentine Requiem; St. Peter Celestine V

Here is an "oldie", from last year

In this PODCAzT (#29) we hear St. Augustine of Hippo’s tr. 124 on the Gospel of John, in which he explores what Christ meant when He told Peter to follow Him but told John that He would have to stay until He came. 

Also, I sang a "Tridentine" Requiem today for Msgr. Richard Schuler, whose 30th day after death [in 2007] has arrived.   I have audio clips.  You might just hear a version of the Our Father in Latin sung in a tone you haven’t heard before if you haven’t been to a Requiem cantata.

We also dig into why St. Peter Celestine V, Pope (+1296) winds up in Dante’s Inferno.




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  1. Prof. Basto says:

    St. Celestine V, pray for me!

  2. Mark M says:

    Hurrah; this one showed up! (Still no sign of the final Pentecost one, though.)

  3. Padre Steve says:

    I was so glad that I had the chance to visit Tyburn a couple of years ago and see the Monastery that is there now. You could really feel the presence of the martyrs there. Keep up the good work and God bless! Padre Steve, SDB

  4. Ed Casey says:


    Quite a goodie you treated me to today on my ride into work. Busy, training it into Manhattan, though lucky enough to find the inner calm and ability to listen to your podcast on Augustine and the contempletive vs active life. Very well done and useful



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