PODCAzT 61: Pope Leo I on a post-Pentecost weekday; Fr. Z rambles not quite aimlessly for a while

Today is Saturday in the Octave of Pentecost, or at least it ought to be in in the Novus Ordo as it is in the older, Traditional Roman Calendar. 

This is the sixth and final PODCAzT for the Pentecost Octave. 

Sermon 80 of St. Leo the Great (+442), was preached on one of the fast days in the week after Pentecost. It is incredibly short, so we hear it in its entirety in English first and then in Latin.  I give some pointers for how to listen to both the English and what to listen for in the Latin as well.

Please forgive me for a slip… I forget what century we are presently in.  Oh well…

I just ramble.  More than I usually do, that is.  I wasn’t even going to make this PODCAzT today, but at the last said… what the heck.  So, I look around at the books on my desk and pick things up and just start talking, and creating links between them and what pops into my mind.  This is a bit of an experiment.

For music,
we have Come, Holy Ghost from the Choir of Queen’s College, Oxford, then O, Come Holy Spirit by the King’s Consort, then Veni Creator Spiritus by a whole bunch of Franciscans.  Toward the end we hear Veni Sancte Spiritus again from Queen’s College. To wrap it up, Veni Sancte Spiritus, the whole thing, the Sequence in Gregorian Chant sung by the Norbertines at Sant’Antimo in Italy. 



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  1. Mark M says:

    Then, I just ramble

    I’ve not listened to this yet, Father; but, we like it when you ramble! I have had a few enjoyable 5-mile walks listening to you “ramble”.

    Best wishes,

  2. Coletta says:

    Thank you, Fr Z. I just got to this post as yesterday we had Ordinations.
    After all your deep immersion in the Pentecost Octave perhaps you are more praying than rambling.
    I hear the breathe of God.

  3. elizabeth mckernan says:

    Grateful thanks, Father Z, for your Pentecost octave Podcazts. I especially enjoyed the ‘ramble’ for the last day yesterday with the beautiful Gregorian chant by the Norbertines and the ‘bunch of Franciscans.’ (I wonder what the collective noun is for monks?!)

    The prolongation of Pentecost with the aid of your podcasts has made me think more deeply about this particular feast and its meaning. I attended a TLM yesterday (Saturday) and was pleased to see that there were more people present than I had noticed in previous weeks. Perhaps they too have been listening to your podcasts! If I had not had a computer I would not have found out about the weekly TLMs there and the church is only a couple of bus rides away.

  4. Mark M says:

    I second what Elizabeth has said. You, Father, spoke of the Octave as a period of “pausing”, waiting in the tide of the particular Feast. I have found the Podcazts have really assisted and aided in this! So, grazie mille.

  5. Piers-the-Ploughman says:

    Thank you Fr Z for helping us observe the Octave of Pentecost.

  6. Emilio III says:

    FWIW, there’s still no sign of this on iTunes…

  7. Mark M says:

    True! I thought I had heard this one, but I haven’t…

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