Roman Pentecost Sunday dawn

And Pentecost Sunday begins to dawn in Rome:








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  1. Malta says:

    eternal Rome; it is a fitting place for the throne of Peter; I admire John Paul II for having an austere residence within the Vatican State.

  2. Mary Rose says:

    Gorgeous photos! I’m hoping for such a day here in the Midwest. Have a very blessed day.

  3. Limbo says:

    Magnificent – thank you.

  4. Ann Koch says:

    That is simply beautiful, thank you!

  5. EDG says:

    Great pix! This has truly brightened my day.

  6. CK says:

    Other worldly….Heaven and earth meet.

  7. Very cool, Father! Although you’ve given me a rather strong longing to be there again.

  8. mastruca says:

    Et quibusdam dicentibus de templo quod bonis lapidibus et donis ornatum esset, dixit: “haec quae videtis, venient dies in quibus non relinquetur lapis super lapidem, qui non destruatur.”

  9. Ioannes says:

    Utinam hi lapides usque ad diem ultimam immobiles maneant!

  10. When I was in Rome last September, I remember waiting at the front gates of the Basilica for it to open. The time of the year was just right so that the sun came up almost directly in front of Saint Peters, and right then they opened the Basilica for us to go to the priests Masses.
    You had to be there, but it was awesome.

  11. Rudy B says:

    Ah! Beautiful! I remember when I was in the Eternal City, two years ago, for the Holy Father’s first Easter Mass. My friends and I had gone to the Easter Vigil, and instead of taking the metro and bus all the way back to our campus in Frattochie-Marino, we spent the night on the streets of Rome. It was one of the coldest, most miserable nights I’ve ever experienced! When the time grew closer for sunrise, we woke up and went to this amazing bakery near St. Peter’s. As we were walking around the entrance of the piazza, the sunrise was breathtaking. There’s just something seeing the piazza and basilica in the light of the dawning sun that made me ponder Christ as the true rising sun, and the Holy Father as benefactor, giving that hope to us. The miserable night was over, and that Easter Sunday was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

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