Take PODCAzTs and other mp3s on the go with this

If you were searching for an appropriate way to take the WDTPRS PODCAzTs on the go!

Check this out.

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  1. Jayna says:

    That’s about as cool as the hymn book iPod cover I got from Urban Outfitters. Only $48? Seriously?

  2. ukok says:

    Somethings are just plain wrong! Don’t like it one little bit. Looks cheap and tacky. Even if it didn’t I would still dislike it intensely.

  3. Sure to take its place in The Leaflet Missal next to the Padre Pio watch and statue of Jesus standing behiind the Little League batter.

  4. Jenny Z says:

    Hahaha, I love it :D

  5. Felicitas says:

    It does look cheaply made.

  6. Angelo says:

    I don’t think this is funny or cute;
    its a serious profanation of the Cross, a sacred symbol
    of Our Lord’s Passion & Death which does not deserve this
    kind of treatment, especially from a priest.
    Would you dare to profane the Menorah in this fashion?
    You would have the ADL breathing down your neck.
    I suggest you remove it (the cross, that is).

  7. FrankM says:

    I completely agree with the statement made by Angelo.
    If you were a faithful priest you would never expose the great symbol
    of our Lord’s Passion and Death in such a disgraceful manner.

  8. Daniel Weller says:

    I think you two (Angelo and FrankM) are treating Fr Z a little harshly. Don’t say that he is an unfaithful priest, because I’m sure he has his reasons for posting it. He might not have realized that it is profane, or might have a reason that it is not. You can criticize the idea, but don’t say anything mean about father. He is a holy priest, after all.

  9. Matt Q says:

    It would be much more preferable for folks to carry around an MP3 player looking like a cross than the rather vulgar, almost heathen other symbols they sport around on their cars, their tattoos ( which they will have to answer to God for on their last day ) and also the gamut of crap they wear around their necks, e.g. anks, crystals, etc.

    While somewhat cheesey, only those who can appreciate the Cross for what it is will be mostly the ones buying it in the first place. For those lacking any sense of humor–which Father Z certainly does not–he just posted it as such. Whether anyone actually buys one or not, that’s not Father Z’s issue nor his advocation. Evan Almighty.

  10. I think people should attempt a sense of humor somewhere along the line.

    Breathe, people.

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