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I got this by e-mail.  If you have some German, check out this blog!

Dear Fr. Zuhlsdorf,

just wanted to tell you, I liked your "Pope Benedict is changing the conversation" so much, I translated and republished [here].

Keep on your good work!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Michael Charlier

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Brandon B says:

    Father, this is a foolish question but I keep getting confused by your timestamps… What time zone are you in?

  2. Andreas says:

    Is it “eternity”? I hope so.

  3. Here is the BABBLEFISH version:

    The Pope changes the reference system 29. 5. 2008 We translate here a contribution, the Fr. John Zuhlsdorf to 24. 5. in WDTPRS published. For many decades the progressists could bring the church slowly however surely on a course, which corresponded to its conceptions, by above all different one erring internal differences hintan set and often than block arose. A simplification is natural, but I think, then it was actual. On the other side the catholics with more traditional conceptions bend of arguing with one another in order nuances more admitted wise often important nuances. But the ugly final result is nevertheless that these groups or single fighters in their trench combats being to remain and none foot-broadly in such a way ground to win be able. Another means, with whose assistance the progressists could intersperse their plans, was the employment of patience. They are specialists of the creeping change – if one so wants as in history of the cooked frog. They understood it masterfully, the reference frameworks, into we the things notice occasionally a half degree to shift, but always in the same direction, and occasionally with a small impact. And after a few decades wake up we and appear in another church. The more the tradition course-bent catholic are inclined then to demand that everything must be shifted again into the condition, in whom it in former times was, in which it be should, and which best over night. „Why the holy father does not bring in order? “complain it, and repeat: „Why the bishop does not do anything? “. Changes, which were caused in small steps, must be taken back often also in small steps again. In addition it comes and therein a certain irony lies that owners are dependent on others on make and influential positions often much, in order to realise their conception from changes to. The Pope is not simply able to steer the church by command. In order to realise its intentions, it needs sufficient chances of success and enough people, which support its desires. If it sets a project on, above all if that is a large project, without finding a sufficient support from those to, which must settle the actual work, is the miss programmed, and heavily damaged its authority. Pope Johannes Paul II has during one period of nearly three decades slowly, but constantly, and in small steps the basic adjustment of the world episcopacy verrändert. He guarded to proceed with its appointments over-hurried – he had to experience also so already violent counterreactions. It showed patience and accepted also the ascent of men, from whom it could assume that they were against its ideas. He bore that being silent and continued working. Due to this patience we have a strongly changed episcopacy today e.g. in the United States. On the one side see a biological solution by the demographic development, on the other side a new generation of intelligent young people, which the dreamed „spirit of the council can bring “only to yawning – both together gives large cause for hope for the United States. And in other parts of the world it looks similar. Pope Benedikt is about at present in very intelligent way to change the reference system. It develops on the long and patient preliminary work of its high-estimated predecessor. It recognized that there is enough support for Summorum Pontificum in the catholic world and in key places of the Kurie, in order to make a Promulgation possible. In its years as an author it wrote a whole shelf fully books, which state its opinions. Now it gives another, i.e. its, to the reference system direction. And although it proceeds thereby in small steps, there are thereby occasionally quite dramatic impacts. It changes the kind, as we discusses and sets new topics, and it completely particularly relies on the good will and Kraft of the recent generation.

  4. Mark M says:

    Vielen Dank, Pater!

    (I really need to brush up my German, so that I can go to a certain place! :) )

  5. PMcGrath says:

    Thanks for posting this, Father Z, not so much for die Ubersetzung, but for the site itself. Herr Charlier has got a cracking good blog layout. Loads very nicely on my old machine, the font types and sizes are very readable, and that header graphic of the Lamb of God and the sheep — Ausgezeichnet! Worth thinking about for the site redesign.

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