First post from the new server!

We’re back and running.

Here is what has happened so far.

We upgraded from a 1GB server to a 2GB server, which gives the database more swap.

We are now also behind a "virtual IP address" which lives on a piece of equipment called a load balancer.

We also have switched physical locations.  Now we are hosted on the East Coast of the USA rather than the West.  This should make the blog faster for people in Europe (two fewer hops to reach us).

We have also upgraded the WordPress software which makes this blog run.

As you may have noticed, at this point we still have the same theme.  The guy who did most of the work got it to function on the new version.

The present theme is still rather "heavy", but I know people like it.

I may switch themes now and then to see what the difference is for speed and the server load, but for now,… whew!

I need to get used to a new admin area and figure out what plugins may have been lost and which new ones might work. 

So far, however, I think we are now faster and ready for you readers to try to push us over the edge again!

Have at!

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Padre Steve says:

    I have noticed the speed difference already! Well done! God bless you with continued growth!

  2. Argent says:

    Did you lose some plugins? They all seem to be there.

    Also, which HTML codes are enabled in the text editor?

  3. Argent: Most of the plugins that readers benefit from should be working, I think. I don’t know what html is usable yet.

  4. Wow… it is faster, isn’t it.

  5. JML says:


    See what happens when we use “good works”? :).

    BTW, there is so passphrase to post.

  6. You forgot to mention that the site also uses a PHP opcode cache which speeds the site up ;)

  7. Emilio III says:

    Congratulations on the upgrade!

    Feedburner RSS feed does not seem to work now: “Live Bookmark feed failed to load”. At least some of the image links are not working: e.g. in the “New Sabine bird sighting” page no photographs are visible.

  8. Thanks for the note about the images and the RSS feed.

  9. Jacob says:

    Father, I’ll be honest…

    I want the new theme!

    You’ve been teasing me for months now with the idea of the new theme and now we won’t be getting it?

    Please, don’t be like RDM with BSG!

  10. Ottaviani says:


    I want an indult for the older website!

  11. Argent says:


    The blog header isn’t clickable in the new theme when I’m not on the homepage. And is that a new favicon?

  12. Kradcliffe says:

    It’s definitely faster! Now, I’m going to check and see if it’s affected how comments post…

  13. Emilio III says:

    Argent, the header is clickable now.

    Fr., now we see the Sabine birds, but lost Patriach Bartholomew. BTW, Firefox hides the missing images so that it’s not obvious that they are missing. Both Safari and Internet Explorer keep a visible placeholder, making them better for troubleshooting. Right now only the birds and the dericious sandwich are visible. Used to be the Patriarch and the sandwich…

  14. FloridaJohn says:

    Super fast and I didn’t have to put in that dreaded ‘word verification’ that always screwed my posting up. My last post was instantaneous!

  15. Argent says:

    Emilio says: “the header is clickable now”

    I meant the new theme, but we’re back to the old theme. By the time I posted my comment, Fr. Z had changed back to the old black.

  16. Argent says:

    Oh, cool. The a href code works.

  17. Jack says:

    So, the new theme was hyped, was demanded, was supposed to be required so we can move forward, and now we find out that the old theme works just as well. Tisk tisk, Father, you should have known better. :P

    At least this didn’t take forty years….

  18. Jack: There are a couple problems with that other theme, but when I can get them ironed out…

  19. Just a test on combox speed…

    BTW, the preview button for the combox seems to be out of kilter for explorer


  20. Jenny Z says:

    Hmm, let’s see if I can post….

  21. Jenny Z says:

    SCORE!! That fixed my posting problem :D

  22. Oooops! Called away. Let’s time that again…

    BTW, whatever the theme, the sacrifice put into it is still the same, that is, if we use a hermeneutic of continuity!

    Too bad you can’t (yet) give your own anti-spam words… but I suppose this is early on!

    Good work, Fr Z!

    I’ll have to do something about that donation button. I know that what you’ve just done is not inexpensive.


  23. Instantaneous.
    That deserves some port and a cigar.


  24. Louis E. says:

    Since comments are closed on the Chicoutimi topic…has there been any trace of a response from Rome to Cardinal Darmaatmadja’s declaration that his provision for the unity of his flock is to prohibit the TLM?

  25. Mark M says:

    Wonderful, Father. Though I note I am no longer “logged in”.

    Re Chicoutimi, Rivest shall be receiving some airmail “felicitations”!

  26. Phil says:

    Nice one Father.

    I can report a noticable increase in speed from the Netherlands.

  27. elizabeth mckernan says:

    I am pleased you have retained the old format. Not being gifted in the technological department, I always dread a change as it takes me ages to work it out. I have just found out that Damian Thompson’s Daily Telegraph blog ‘Holy Smoke’ has changed format – before it was easy to scroll down to view comments. Now it involves lots more arm work which for some of us is not so easy. I’m not sure where the progress is in this. So thank you for keeping your pages familiar.

  28. Todd says:

    Here’s the RSS error: “ERROR: atom is not a valid feed template”

  29. John Enright says:

    WDTPRS on steroids! Good job, and thanks for keeping the present theme, even if it is temporary.

  30. dad29 says:

    Father, a couple of times I have wished to look up a prior post on your blog, but I cannot find the “search” box.

    Is that a ‘members only’ thing, or am I so blind that I simply cannot see?

  31. Corboy says:

    Nice work, Fr. Super quick now. :)

  32. MG says:

    Ahhhh, fast and simple!


  33. Fr. Z,

    Any new Search Features on the new Server to find topic archiving quickly?

  34. dcs says:

    It is amazing how much faster comments are posted now.

  35. The search feature is an element of the theme, or “skin” used for the blog, not the server. If I change over to the other theme there is a search feature.

    I am not savvy enough to add one to this theme.

    When I want to find something I use Yahoo or Google and put in wdtprs with whatever else I am searching.

  36. Lynne says:

    I have to try posting a comment too…

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