Prayers for a priest who collapsed

Someone wrote this on my Facebook wall:

Prayers please for Don Konrad zu Loewenstein, priest in charge of the FSSP church of San Simeon Piccolo in Venice – he collapsed and was assisted out of the church by ambulancemen just before Mass was due to begin last Sunday. If anyone knows if he is OK maybe they could post!

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  1. Padre Steve says:

    I have Mass in just 30 minutes and I will pray for this priest. God bless him and bring him back to health! Padre Steve

  2. Gerard says:

    Any updates yet on his condition?

  3. Mark M says:

    Oh heavens! And we were talking about Venice just the other day.

    Many prayers for his speedy recovery!

  4. I will remember him at the Divine Liturgy this morning.

  5. Fr.Thomas Regan osb says:

    I visited Venice in April and Fr.Konrad enabled me to celebrate the Traditional Rite at San Simeone. I hope and pray that his health is much improved.

  6. Ottaviani says:

    Prayers for this holy priest. I once served his mass. A good priest indeed.

    Pater, Ave, Gloria

  7. sben0063 says:

    I heard one of the regulars at that church on Monday that Fr Konrad had fallen and broken his arm at 5am that morning whilst trying to kill a mosquito which had been pestering him.
    He was taken off by ambulance, but it’s nothing more serious than that – he can’t now say Mass for a while, but there is another priest there anyway, so things should continue.

  8. James A says:

    I was the one who posted on your wall. It all seemed rather dramatic on Sunday morning so I am very relieved to hear that it is not too serious – although given the rubrics of the traditional rite he will need that arm to be fighting fit! The Novus Ordo Mass at the Scalzi which I caught by running over the bridge from San Simeon Piccolo was dignified and the architecture magnificent.

  9. AnnaTrad says:

    Added to my rosary.

  10. Rose says:

    Off topic but have to greet AnnaTrad: Thanks for the reference to the TLM at New Westminster. My husband and I and teenage daughter went on Sunday, May 25 while on vacation. We were very fortunate that it was High Mass (Feast of Corpus Christi). Lasted one and three quarter hours followed by Adoration and Benediction (hope I have the terminology right). The liturgy and the music were just beautiful and I met a couple of parishioners afterwards outside in the sunshine. Very friendly. Fr. Duprey (I think that was his name) gave a very good homily on the Catholic belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. What strikes me now, two weeks later, is that the images have endured. My daughter sang in Latin, took communion on the tongue while kneeling, with absolutely no difficulty (she sings in our parish choir and is a musician which may explain it) and no comments at all, as if it was nothing new to her. I and my husband had some difficulty with both. My daughter thought the Mass was beautiful but would not want to go to it every Sunday because a) she misses the English; and b) she did not know what the priest was doing most of the time (when he faced the altar.) I thought it was also much more beautiful and reverent, with a real sense of holy time and space but would like more vernacular.

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