Oshkosh & Appleton, WI – regular TLMs

I got a note by e-mail:

Fr. Z:


Would you mind spreading the word that the TLM will be offered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish St. Mary’s site on August 24th. Rosary begins at 4:00 PM, Mass at 5:00 with Benediction to follow. Fr. Moreau of the Institute of Christ the King will be offering the Mass.  This Mass will be offered monthly.


Also, the TLM is now offered every first Sunday of the month by Fr. Moreau at St. Therese parish in Appleton, same times.


So folks in the Fox Valley now have two opportunities to attend the TLM each month.

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  1. Steve Jones says:

    Fr Z

    could you draw attention to the plight of parishioners in the diocese of Leeds please?


    The priest, Fr. Lawler, celebrates the OF in Latin at 10 am on Sunday at the EF at 12. He has not been assigned a parish even though this parish is about to be closed despite the Church being packed every Sunday. the suspicion is that Bishop will sell the property and use the proceeeds to finance more modernist reorderings and other projects.

  2. joe says:

    Father, if you know of any ACCURATE directories online of TLM masses, it would be appreciated – especially for those of us who travel.
    Nothing like being on a road trip, going to Mass at a traditional looking church building, and ending up trying to figure out at a puppet Mass if the deacon is Kukla, Fran , or Ollie. ;-)

  3. Fr. D says:

    Fr. Z, this does not relate per se to this posting, but indirectly.
    Nov 2 falls on Sunday. The Novus Ordo regards it as all Soul’s Day.
    The Extraordinary Form transfers All Souls Day to November 3.

    Does that mean a priest can trinate on Nov 2 if celebrating the Ordinary Form and then trinate again the next day all in the ordinary form?

    Or if he has one public Mass in the ordinary form Nov.3, can he offer 2 other in the extraordinary form for souls?

  4. Anamaria says:

    My family used to live in Oshkosh and most Sundays travel the 50 mins to the chapel of the Bishop of Green Bay for the Mass offered by the Institute. While we are no longer living in the area, I am very happy for those living in Oshkosh or Appleton. (St. Mary’s is beautiful!)

    Fr. Moreau baptized out daughter over three years ago. How time flies!

  5. Jrbrown says:

    It is good to hear that the priests and bishops in these dioceses (including the new FSSP apostolate in Quincy, IL.) are responding generously to the motu proprio of our Holy Father. I am wondering if anyone may have seen on another website the announcement by the Diocese of Scranton of a ‘parish cluster’ reorgnization that is being planned. Would this negatively affect the FSSP personal parish located there, St. Michael’s Church? I am hoping that the EXPANSIONS of personal parishes, chaplaincies and regular scheduled Masses are not counterweighted by “reorganizatyions” which seek to circumscribe or essentially eliminate FSSP or other traditional parishes or chaplaincies.

  6. Steve says:

    The best directory for the US that I have found is the website for Mater Dei Latin Mass Community in Dallas TX. They have a list that is regularly updated. Here is the link: http://web2.airmail.net/~carlsch/MaterDei/churches.htm

  7. M.Z. Forrest says:


    Most Blessed Sacrament was a parish reorganization that combined three Oshkosh parishes that took place 1 or 2 years ago. I obviously can’t speak to the Diocese of Scranton, but my speculation is that a use parish such as St. Michaels wouldn’t be affected so long as its accounts are in balance and the congregation is healthy. My opinion is that parish consolidations generally benefit making the TLM available because there is a) a larger population to support it and b) priests aren’t as limited practically to offering a mass in each church even if sparsely attended thereby allowing them to possibly offer a TLM.

  8. PMW says:

    St. Therese’s Parish in Appleton will be a great location for this Mass. It’s about 80-90 years old, long with barrel vaulted ceiling and very charming. Also, they’ve been without a priest for years, and given Appleton’s central location between Fr. Moreau’s other obligations (Oshkosh and Green Bay), this place would be perfect for a new institute chapel/priory. They’ve been stuck at that horrible chapel on the diocesan campus in Green Bay for a while and would have far better facilities in Appleton. Plus, with a really excellent conservatory at Lawrence University, there would be ample resources for a good music program. I can only hope and pray that this will be the beginning of a liturgical awakening in such a troubled part of the diocese.

  9. Anamaria says:

    Actually, the Institute was offered a beautiful, old church in GB, (the rectory was already next to it) but the Latin Mass Association did not want to move away from the ugly chapel. I think it would be quite unfair to move the central location from GB to Appleton, when the same folks have worked to get the Mass and then attended it for a loooong time.

    Isn’t Lawrence Lutheran?

  10. PMW says:

    No, Anamaria, Lawrence is not affiliated with any religious denomination.

    It would be unfortunate for those in Green Bay if Appleton were to be so lucky as to be given a chapel at Green Bay’s expense (ideally we could have one all over the region), but that chapel is simply too small for many of the Masses, especially on feast days. It is also not aesthetically ideal nor is it an ideal location for all the needs of Northeastern Wisconsin. If the success of the Latin Mass apostolate is the ultimate goal, then wherever it might be best served should be unanimously sought, regardless of personal preferences.

  11. William of the Old says:

    FYI—–As of February of this year, there have been three celebrations of Holy Mass in the EF in Door County: Bailey’s Harbor, Egg Harbor, and, most recently on 26 July, Jacksonport. All were celebrated by Father Moreau of the ICKSP.
    New beginnings of an aposolate there?

  12. Anamaria says:

    Well, I must say that I do not believe it would be a good idea to move the Mass so far from those who have attended and supported it for years. Many of these children have gone to the Institute Masses since they were infants, etc. I would find it completely unfair (and don’t see this happening) to say, thanks for all your work and financial support but we are going to be moving where many of you may not be able to come. Had the people in, e.g., Appleton worked as hard, maybe the Mass would have been there to begin with.

    While I can understand the idea that the chapel is too small, etc., the truth is that these same people for some reason did not want the beautiful, old, renovated church. I am not sure how things work, but it seems the Institute did not want to make the change without the agreement of the people.

  13. Anamaria says:

    Oh… also… there is the “independent” chapel nearby. For years the priest there used to claim that there was a plan to get the people to go to the diocesan approved Mass, in order to shut it down later on, leaving the people with no “Latin Mass.”

    So, no, don’t think the Mass is moving too far.

  14. PMW says:

    I certainly wouldn’t belittle the hard work, and very good work that the Latin Mass Association (and the many families and friends associated with the Latin Mass apostolate) have done to provide for a spiritually substantive life for the people of Northeastern Wisconsin. I personally have benefitted from the Mass at the chapel in Green Bay and am thankful for the priests of the Institute who have sacrificed so much for the beauty and gravitas that has lacked in the Church’s prayer in that region.
    However, my only suggestion is that a more central location would benefit more people, would offer an opportunity for those who are spiritually strong to lead the charge beyond the boundaries of Riverside Drive, and to transform the Sacred Rites throughout the diocese for the greater glory of God.

    That being said, I do wish to point out that your argument (that, had only the people in ‘Appleton worked as hard’ to establish the Latin Mass’ as those in Green Bay) is a misguided one. You should not fault anyone for having missed the boat on our liturgical heritage. So much has been thrown down as a stumbling block, as you all in Green Bay must know, and those who are deprived of substantive spiritual nourishment are to be sympathetically ministered to. If you all in Green Bay have been upgirded in the faith, should you not thirst after the opportunity to build up your brethren in Appleton?

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