Restoration of Old St. Patrick’s in Kansas City – update

The restoration of Old St. Patrick’s in Kansas City, MO, is going apace.


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  1. Malta says:

    there is something about “Old Saint Patrick,” and the worship of God:

  2. Malta says:

    btw: I like the three steps (they are often more, but should be at least three) which to many represent the three theological viirtues, as one ascends to the Altar, the “Holy of Holies”….

  3. John Womack says:

    Dear Lord,

    After Bishop Finn has rescued Kansas City, would you please send him out here to rescue the diocese of San Bernardino!?

  4. We really wanted Bishop Finn in Detroit, but something tells me Pope Benedict has someone else in store for us.

    That’s going to be one beautiful Church. I love watching these restorations. It is so consoling after images of marble rails and beautiful wall altars being jack-hammered out. I’m too young to have seen it, but just hearing about those things makes me cringe.

  5. JML says:

    For I will go unto the altar of God..

    This looks like an altar, not a table.

    Which reminds me of that 60’s ditty “…Gather round, the table of the Lord…”. Wonder what would have happened if they had changed the word from table to altar? Would we be still in the mess of lousy (a parlimentary word) liturgy?

    PS Thanks to you, dear Father, I found the Don Camillo website. What a treasure of short stories!

  6. KK says:

    His Excellency very much appreciates the support and prayers of WDTPRS and its readers. Old St. Patrick’s is a very small community with a very large project. ANY financial support is also appreciated.

    Many thanks!

  7. Attention other Catholics: please stop praying to steal Bishop Finn. Thank you kindly. Sincerely, Kansas City.

    P.S. Father Z– Try to make it for the Oratory’s rededication! My offer stands, you come to KC, I’ll bring the barbeque. And I’ve got an excellent Red Zinfandel in mind that goes perfect with hickory smoked beef brisquet and a peppery Kansas City barbeque sauce. I’m just sayin’.

  8. Thomas says:

    It looks much like the restored St. Peter’s in Montgomery, AL, just with a less impressive reredos, but there it was never removed. I don’t know about here.

    Just beautiful.

  9. Mary Rose says:

    Wow, this is gorgeous! It also is reminding me a bit of my own parish. I wonder if it will be done by Christmas? What a glorious Christmas season they would have.

  10. Dan says:

    The altars of this church actually came out of a closed parish in Boston, as the original ones were sold and unable to be gotten back. It’s not a very large church, but certainly is beautiful and will serve the community very well. The statues to either side of the altar, which in this picture are not yet in, are original. One was taken out and had to be recovered (after the church was ‘renovated’, its niche was used for the tabernacle).

  11. Father Totton says:

    Mary Rose, the restoration better be done by Christmas, for the Bishop is set to re-consecrate this church in October.

    We very much look forward to its completion.

    I would repeat the plea of the “WhollyRoamin’Catholic”, “please stop praying to steal Bishop Finn.”

  12. SMJ says:

    Why I can’t see the photos and acess their website??? :-(

  13. Mary Rose says:

    Father Totton, ah…well, then. I didn’t realize when the re-consecration was scheduled. How exciting! Everyone will be able to enjoy Advent and it will be there to welcome all the “two-timers.” (Those who attend Mass for Easter and Christmas.) Who knows? Maybe some of those who have been away for so long will now stay. :-)

  14. thetimman says:

    The Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest, knows how to restore a Church, does it not?

  15. Andy Milam says:

    This is a wonderful example of Dr. Hitchcock’s (and others) view of the Restoration of the Sacred. As the church progresses, it will become more and more evident that this is the way that the Church should go in restoration and “supposed” renovation.

    Ah, the fresh air is finally starting to seep into the Church, now that “smoke of Vatican II” is starting to disappate. This is not a slam on Vatican II, but rather an affirmation. We are called to defend the faith, what better way? I am extremely excited to see more and more churches move in the direction of Old St. Patrick’s.

    Laudate Jesus Christus!!!!

  16. Dan says:

    While I’m glad that the high and side altars were spared and now
    reside in this beautiful church, I’m very sad at the fate of St. Mary’s
    Star of the Sea Church in East Boston. It is now home to a controversial
    Brazilian Pentecostal Church whose leader, btw, kicked a statue of the Blessed Virging Mary on TV and said that it was only a doll.

    I have made a visit to this building and it’s ONLY a building and it saddened me to see how bare it is. It is still beautiful on the inside but void of any spirituality
    save for the Cross without a corpus on it.

  17. Sandy says:

    All I can do is catch my breath when I see such beauty. Those who have these old and gorgeous churches are so blessed. I wish they were all appreciated and preserved.

  18. Andrew says:

    I think that the alter is absolutely perfect for the space. It does not need to be huge, and if it were bigger and more grand, I think it would be too much.

  19. patrick f says:

    Couldnt think of a better name for a church :)

    I wish more of these churches would get restored to the former grandure. Absolutely wonderful. I live in st. louis, but will make pilgrimage there to go to the inaugural mass.

    Oh, and I hereby on behalf of all God Fearing st. louis catholics, call “dibs” on bishop finn. We are bishopless right now after all :P (All due respect to our administrator Bishop hermann of course, never a sweeter man to have the miter)

  20. Louis E. says:

    Of course this isn’t the only “Old St. Patrick’s” out there,though I don’t think the one in New York made it any less confusing by shifting its main web address from to http”// (It’s not currently undergoing any restoration that I know of…nor has it plans for EF masses).

  21. William of the Old says:

    “thetimman”: Kudos go to Abbe Willweber of the ICKSP for the design. The Bene Merenti Papal Medal was recently conferred upon him (by Archbishop Burke), “an award given by the Holy Father himself for outstanding work done for Holy Mother Church.” Abbe Willweber has been the architectural consultant for the ICKSP since his entrance as an oblate.
    Lucky(more likely Divine Providence) for them.

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