QUAERITUR: Post your WDTPRS pieces earlier in the week?

I got this question via e-mail:

Dear Fr. Z.,

For the sake of those of us lay women living out our vocations in part by the education of our children … would you please consider posting your articles on "What Does the Prayer Really Say"–with their translations of prayers from the Extraordinary Form–somewhat earlier?

They are extraordinarily useful *both* for helping our older children in their Latin studies and for helping them understand the meaning of the prayers. But to be useful as part of Mass preparation and as adjuncts to Latin lessons, we would have to have access to them a day, or even two, earlier than they are customarily posted on your blog.


I originally started this blog to be an archive of my WDTPRS articles for the weekly The Wanderer.  But the blog grew into the monster that it is!  o{];¬)

Still, I go through streaks of posting my WDTPRS pieces on this blog even close before the upcoming Sunday especially to encourage your interest in subscribing to The Wanderer, for which I write those columns… for 8 years now.

The Wanderer could use some subscribers, btw.  With the way the US postal service has recently gouged small publications, and I mean gouged, you could be of real help.  Check out the website.  You can even subscribe to a full online edition, useful if you want your issue fast.

Here is what the page with my column looks like, in the issue just published and going into the post today:

You can look at individual articles on the screen, in text or in graphic form, and you can print them or e-mail them!

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