SSPX-UK: Letter of District Superior for JULY

I was tipped to this via e-mai.  It is from the site of the SSPX in the UK:

LETTER FROM THE DISRICT [sic] SUPERIOR (July)  My emphases and comments.

My dear brethren,

On the 14th June 2008 Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, President of the Ecclesia Dei  Commission, celebrated the Traditional Mass in Westminster Cathedral, the first by a cardinal in forty-years! [They noticed!  o{]:¬)  ] In a conference preceding the Mass, the Cardinal stated that the Traditional Mass should be celebrated, not just in many parishes, but in all parishes.

Those present at the event describe how it was as if the hands of time had been turned back  [or… forward…]when they witnessed the solemn splendour of the liturgy and the beauty of the chant and polyphony. However the dream was short-lived because [… he means business and this is not about being dreamy?…] in his homily the Cardinal spoke of the parity of the New Mass with the Old Mass of their being mutually enriching, and how polemics against the New Mass should cease. . .  [There are ways of expressing dislike of something and then there are ways.  THAT is the point.]

At the very same moment, but at the Church of SS Joseph and Padarn in north London, Bishop Richard Williamson was giving a vivid expose of St Pius X’s encyclical against Modernism. [So, in contrast to Card. Castrillon, Bp. Williamson is held up.  Fine.]  He exposed the Modernist doctrine of ‘evolving dogma,’ and its need for Tradition, and applied this to Rome’s efforts to rally Traditionalists today. A few days previously, Bishop Fellay had met with Cardinal Hoyos in Rome, at which occasion the bishop received an ultimatum – the end of June 2008 – to accept five conditions or to face renewed condemnation and charges of schism. [I don’t remember that being in the letter to Bp. Fellay.  Perhaps this is what some SSPXers were putting around?  Is this a case of the "telephone" game?] The conditions in question require: ‘Bishop Fellay and the Society to commit themselves to making an adequate response to the Pope’s generosity, to avoid any public intervention which does not respect the person of the Holy Father; to avoid the pretence of a magisterium superior to that of the Pope’s; and to manifest the will to act in all ecclesial charity with regard to the authority of the Vicar of Christ.’ [Is that so hard?]

As our Superior General himself commented in his recent letter to the members of the Society with regard to this ultimatum, ‘we are accorded the right to be silent, and then all will be well.’ He continued, ‘we cannot enter in Rome’s game unless we accept to renounce the exclusive Truth of Tradition which we maintain in our Society and accept . . . a shared position regarding the devastating reforms of Vatican II. And this is impossible Non possumus (we cannot).’

I wonder what the letter will say next month.

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