WYD Opening – some video

Here is a video piece from CTV about the opening of WYD:



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  1. Aelric says:

    Rocco (whispersintheloggia) doesn’t appear to be slow in getting to the gloating:

    “The new papal liturgy set-up might’ve already been in place, but it’d seem the new papal MC wasn’t around as a score of Aboriginal dancers and a crowd of 150,000 formally opened Sydney’s World Youth Day at tonight’s Mass at Barangaroo:”

  2. John Enright says:

    I don’t usually complain, but I watched the open air Mass in Sydney, and I was struck by how banal the liturgy was. I really don’t understand what aboriginal warriors were doing escorting the Book of the Gospels to the ambo. The readings were rendered in English and Spanish, and I guess that those languages were employed because the vast number of Spanish and English speakers throughout the world. It would have been better to simply use Latin, the universal language of the Church. Whoever planned that Mass must not have been paying very much attention to the Vatican over the last two years. How sad.

  3. Tomas Lopez says:

    They were aboriginal warriors? I took it to be a representation of the Poor Souls in Purgatory wailing for our prayers and for the mercy of God.

  4. Vox Borealis says:

    Presumably Spanish was used because of the undoubtedly large number of pilgrims and/or immigrants from the Philippines. That said, Latin would of course be better.

  5. EJ says:

    Hardly any Filipinos speak or understand Spanish anymore, in fact the vast majority do not for the past two or three generations at least. I don’t think Spanish was in consideration of them, but perhaps since it’s one of the official languages of the event itself. Regretable about the warriors considering Cardinal Pell and his otherwise decent liturgical taste, how did this get past Msgr. Marini’s radar??

  6. EJ says:

    .. and in reference to the blogger mentioned above, his tone concerning Marini II and the reforms he’s ushered into the Papal Liturgy have been very disparaging lately, especially since kneeling was re-introduced…he has accused the new Papal MC of changing the pallium back to the more traditional form mainly so as to better accomodate and match a fiddleback chasuble on the Pope again, an inane assertion if there ever was one. Our time would be better spent on fine blogs like this one or on publications like the Wanderer, than on those that operate mainly to support and disseminate gossip.

  7. David says:

    Pro’s: there was a Benedictine altar and the Pater Noster was chanted.

  8. Padre Steve says:

    Thanks for the video! God bless B16!

  9. Jacob says:

    I wouldn’t put too much effort into criticizing Marini II. If that wonderful little Mass in DC taught us anything, it’s that the people hosting the show usually have a bit more control than the papal MC.

  10. The music was far better than the Papal massin DC.I am starting a movement,its called PLEASE DUMP DANA!Let her stick to the world of European politics where she is a beacon and keep away from the Mass where is a destructive influence.

  11. Jim of Maryland says:

    I don’t think Msgr. Marini would have been consulted on this mass. He is the MC of Papal liturgies. B16 wasn’t at this mass.

  12. EJ says:

    Jacob – very good point.

  13. Aaron says:

    Row, Row, Row your boat.

    I was just up to the chapter in Spirit of the Liturgy where B16 says creativity has no place in the liturgy… when the Gospel procession began…

    As an aussie, I’m embarassed by that.

    I had been excited about the benedictine arrangement… first I’ve seen in Sydney.

  14. Louise says:

    So, with 4000 priests available, why was necessary to have Extraordinary Ministers distribute communion, particarly in national dress? My calculation is that is 1 priest for every 40 attendees.

  15. Jim of Maryland says:

    I watched the rerun on EWTN. At times I wasn’t sure whether I was watching a mass or a Broadway revue. I’m surprised. I thought Cardinal Pell was very conservative. Apparently not very traditional.

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