CNN: Donna Brazile draws analogy of Obama/Jesus as Palin/Pilate

On CNN‘s "Late Edition" Donna Brazile said this to host Wolf Blitzer about Gov. Sarah Palin.

BLITZER: Let me bring Donna in on the whole issue of [Sen. Obama] being a community organizer. Now we know a lot of those community organizers are in the big urban areas and there are some suggesting that when they — when the Republicans, whether Giuliani or Sarah Palin went after Obama for being a community organizer there was a racial overtone there. Do you believe that?

BRAZILE: First of all, I don’t think they understand the role of a community organizer, often to help people who are in distress, they’ve lost their jobs, they’ve lost their homes, they’ve lost their health care. And for many of us, it’s a time honored tradition to give back, especially those who have been rewarded with so much.

The Bible says to whom much is given much is required and it comes out of that tradition. So it was insulting to see both, you know, the governor as well as Mayor Giuliani criticize people. There’s some on the Internet now that Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor. And perhaps they should understand the role of a community organizer, do help people in distress.


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  1. shadrach says:

    It’s tendentious claptrap, of course. But a lot of the coverage of Sarah Palin is tendentious claptrap too. She is being used as a mere mascot and, I think, the short-termist calculation that has put her where she currently is, is designed to titillate and manipulate. What can she do about Roe vs Wade, for instance? We probably should hesitate to put our trust in Princes or a son/daughter of man, from either side of the ‘aisle’. There is that hoary tradition that states that Pilate was, in fact, a saint. The double-edged nature of Pilate’s status has been vexing western thought since Dante, at least. Did Christ’s submission to Pilate’s condemnation signal an endorsement of Roman Law? Dante thought so.

  2. shadrach says:

    A phrase went missing there: ‘ “aisle”. Apart from the palaver over Palin herself, there is that hoary tradition…’

  3. Devin says:

    How can anyone delude themselves into thinking a rabbi is a community organizer? Even if one denies that Christ is God and all the things He said He was, at the very least, He was simply a wandering teacher. The way people can lie to themselves is incredible…

  4. Richard says:

    I guess Governor Palin has washed her hands of that…moose blood.

  5. Doug Zeitz says:

    While being a community organizer could theoretically be a good, as practiced in Chicago, its a Saul Alinsky class warfare communist kind of thing (for more info, read The Wanderer) and this is the problematic background of Barry Hussein Obama. Catholics should be outraged by a comparison between Our Lord and any politician, particularly one who supports infanticide and homosexual “marriage”.

  6. Jordanes says:

    Shadrach said: She is being used as a mere mascot and, I think, the short-termist calculation that has put her where she currently is, is designed to titillate and manipulate. What can she do about Roe vs Wade, for instance?

    It’s not short term, which is why conservatives are excited and liberals are upset: it sets her up to run for Prez in 2012.

  7. ckdexterhaven says:

    Thanks for bringing up the Saul Alinsky aspect to this. Barack Obama is an acolyte of his, and openly uses his philosophy. I didn’t know this until a couple of weeks ago, but Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals to “the first radical who rebelled against the establishment….Lucifer”- don’t tell me that the Senator who is in favor of Infanticide isn’t aware of this. This is getting scary.

  8. The proper response for to this is a ground-swell of letters and emails demanding that Mr. Obama disassociate himself from this kind of dishonist, hateful, religiously exploitive, cheap shot. So start writing, telephoning, and emailing immediately.

  9. shadrach says:

    Those who label themselves ‘conservatives’ have been subject to a successful marketing exercise in Sarah Palin. Catholics, however, should be harder to market to. Catholics should be wiser. Vote for McCain by all means, but do so soberly. Enthusiasm in political matters results in horrific disappointment, and often horrible results.

  10. RJ says:

    Yes, the Son of God was a “community organizer,” the Catholic Church isn’t sure when life begins, and “God d*mned America.” Keep talking, Democrats.

  11. tertullian says:

    Donna Brazile is a Catholic.

  12. andrew says:

    Jesus is a King.

  13. David Andrew says:

    When I was in undergraduate school (Oberlin) we had a spittle-flecked liberal campus minister who described Moses as a labor leader.

  14. Felicitas says:

    So-called “community organizers” are demagogues who do little more than organize bus rides to the polls in order to get more Democrats elected. Lowering Jesus to the level of a “community organizer” skirts blasphemy, and comparing state governors to Pilate is just idiotic. Where does that leave Bill Clinton, I wonder?

  15. Ioannes Andreades says:

    Actually, Pilate was praefectus of Judea, who was subordinate to the proconsul in Syria, who held the actual authority of the entire province stretching down to Egypt. Governors aren’t subordinates.

  16. John says:

    Yes, Obama is not someone who a devout Catholic can vote for. There are dozens of reason why, and I’m sure the readers of this blog are well versed in them. However, I absolutely cannot believe that no one has even mentioned, let alone expressed disgust over the respective comments by Giuliani and Sarah Palin. It is reprehensible that they would belittle those who volunteer to serve the people in the trenches. All because volunteers like that don’t have the “real responsibility” of being a mayor or governor. Hearing those two speeches at the convention almost made me ashamed of my party. It would do Palin more good to tone down the rhetoric. Instead, maybe take some pointers from McCain’s speech where he called on all of us to serve. He even mentioned the ministry :D

  17. Obama should be embarrassed for the comparisons to the Messiah. It\’s sad that he\’s playing up this role of Messiah, downright blasphemous.

    Give me Moose eating Sarah any day!

  18. James says:

    Umm…. Jesus wasn’t a community organizer, he was a King.

  19. michigancatholic says:

    Donna Brazile is not a newswoman. She’s a democratic superdelegate and she can’t get that hat off. She needs to be fired.

    I’m off CNN. I’m watching C-Span these days. I can’t take the yelling anymore.

  20. michigancatholic says:

    BTW, did anyone see Obama in Stephanopolis interview admit he was a muslim? It’s all over

    Either: a) he’s been lying for months, or b) he’s incredibly sloppy about what falls out of his mouth.

    Do we want either in a president??

  21. patrick f says:

    do these reporters and such actually believe this stuff or do they just make it up as they go?

  22. TJM says:

    No, Donna Brazile is not a Catholic, at least not one in good standing. Just like Pelosi, she is supporting an intrinsic evil. Hence, she is not a Catholic in good standing. Her political party matters more to her than her belief in Jesus. Tom

  23. Jordanes says:

    Michigancatholic said: BTW, did anyone see Obama in Stephanopolis interview admit he was a muslim?

    No, he didn’t “admit” he was a Muslim, it was just a slip of the tongue:

  24. HQD says:

    That’s irritating! You know, when Sen. Biden made a comment about how Sarah Palin was “good looking” I took that as sexist…right? People are reading too much into things, and then making extremes of Obama as Jesus? Excuse me, Jesus was the Son of God…not some “community organizer. The post, I think was more about the comment of denigrating one person whom we don’t know to the level of God-killer and the other one as the Anointed. People, it’s just one election of many more to come!

  25. johnny says:

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality” –
    — Dante Alighieri
    We don’t worship Sarah. We see in her someone who sticks to her guns(!), and is willing to battle for what’s right. Would that some of our Catholic people had her gumption.

  26. shadrach says:

    Ummmm. I think you’ll find that it wasn’t Dante that said that, but that paragon of Catholic virtue John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was using Dante’s name to dazzle in much the same way as McCain is using the figurehead of Palin… The apathetic hang around the threshold of Hell in the Inferno.

    All that glitters…

  27. johnny says:

    OK shadrach, you got me, and you yourself said not to sit on the sidelines, or something to that effect.

  28. RosieC says:

    The hole in Brazzle’s thinking would appear to be that Obama is looking to move from a position similar to “community activist” into a position similar to that of a “governor.” So following her analogy, Obama wants to be like Pilate.

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