Just a famous building

You all know this one.

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  1. Whenever I see this tower I will always remember sitting in King Henry VII’s chapel (which is the Lady Chapel) in Westminster Abbey. After Big ben rang six PM a priest led everyone in the Angelus and so began the monthly Office and meeting of the Society of Our Lady of Pew.

    There is a shrine of Our Lady of Pew in the abbey which was destroyed at the reformation but restored and blessed with a procession after Evensong by the then Papal Nuncio to Great Britain (Archbishop Cardinale, I believe). Those in attendance when I was there included priests and nuns

  2. David: Interesting! Thanks for that.

  3. Supertradmom says:

    And, as correctly stated above, Big Ben is the bell, not the clock or the Tower.

  4. And just to add to the trivia here, the text of the hymn from which the “Westminster” chime is taken:

    All through this hour (do, mi, re, sol)
    Lord, be my guide, (do, re, mi, do)
    That by Thy power (mi, do, re, sol)
    No foot shall slide. (sol, re, mi, do)

  5. BobP says:

    I lived not too far from “Big Ben” in my much younger days. In Clapham North, in fact. I noticed you mention Clapham Park in a previous topic. They bring back a lot of childhood memories for me.

    I wonder if St. Mary’s in Clapham is doing the Tridentine Mass. I think Michael Davies had mention of this church in one of his books.

  6. Brian Wisconsin says:

    There’s something about a picture taken early in the morning (as, judging by the lighting, I’m supposing this was) that makes that photo’s subject really pop out. Looking at it, I could almost picture my self walking across the small square there, the coolness of the dawning day on my cheeks. Thanks for the great picture, Padre.

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