PENJING REPORT and fending off death by starvation

To fend off death by starvation, a nice bowl of very authentic Dan Dan Mian will work. 

After the xiao long bao, of course (NB: two "missing").

I also had some Gui Chow Ji


Wow!  What is going on with Penjing?

There is some serious growth here.

Hmmm… I go away for three days and look what happened.

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  1. DebbieInCT says:

    wow, that looks good! particularly so because I’ve been fasting today (but I’m not telling…)

    Penjing looks very happy.

  2. Coletta says:

    Father, I love Priests cooking. Jesus made the Apostles breakfast. Love that!

  3. Geoffrey says:

    Ha! I was hoping for another installment of “What Does the Recipe Really Say?” I have never attempted to cook any sort of Asian foods. Looks very tasty! And it seems Penjing has been doing some eating as well!

  4. Dan Brown (not that Dan Brown!) says:

    Father when are you heading back to Rome. Are you still normally based in Rome?

  5. Jane says:

    The food looks yummy. I wish that my plants would grow like that. We are building a Lourdes shrine in the backyard and brought what looked liked really nice bushes to plant around it. They died and we don’t know why. We watered them, fed them and did everything for them, but they refused to live, yet the roses that lived in the same soil before that thrived for years on absolute neglect. I don’t understand the mysteries of gardening.

  6. Theodorus says:

    Father, it should be “xiao long bao” (meaning: little basket bun :-)).

  7. RichR says:

    Fr Z – san,

    The Penjing is turning into a beautiful tree. It’s very simple and elegant.

    On a similar note, my Chile Pequin plants have started blossoming and growing, too, in the last few days. It must be that time of year when the plant internal clocks turn on. I can’t complain. Now I have a ton of pea-sized fireballs to complement my grilled Ribeyes and stir-fry dishes.

    Bon apetit!

  8. Theodorus: Of course! Thanks. Rented fingers.

  9. Andrew says:

    I was sure “xiao long bao” translates to “little dragon bun,” at least when referring to the Shanghainese specialty…?

  10. Kradcliffe says:

    Fr Z, since you clearly enjoy trying out elaborate recipes, you might like this blog:

    The authors try out all sorts of recipes from cooking magazines and report on how they liked them.

  11. wsxyz says:

    What kind of sauce is that in the dan dan mian?

  12. Jim says:

    boy, that does look good. where can I find the recipe for the dan dan mian. BTW, I just found your blog this week. It is super!

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