AFRICA: Johannesburg … Pretoria … Summorum Pontificum

We haven’t heard much from Africa on the implementation of Summorum Pontificum.  Here is some news.

Pretoria Latin Mass Group on its way

On Saturday 27th of last month, a meeting was held at St.John Fisher Catholic Church , in Lynwood Pretoria with the aim of organising a group who wish to restore the Extraodinary Form in their own archdiocese. It was a great comfort to see that there are still those who desire to regain their lost liturgical heritage, and most importantly that there are still priests who would be willing to provide for their needs.

As of yet, not much can be said about any substantial gains with regard to actualy having the TLM celebrated once again in an official capacity, however, the effort is still in its infancy and has to "crawl before it can walk". Nonetheless, one can be at least greatful for the fact that their specific cause has not been met with the usual hostility that many are indeed faced with when presenting such a request, that their specific spiritual needs be met.

It was suggested that, in order to gain futher exposure for this specific initiative, anouncements would be made at the Mass notices as well as included into the parish bulletins of those Priests who were obliging to the effort.

Summorum Pontificum Johannesburg will continue to promote and support this effort, when possible. Updates will be posted concerning this specific initiative.

Calvin James Montgomery

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  1. Melody says:

    That’s wonderful. Recently I was speaking with a friend from Sierra Leone about my experiences of the Latin mass, only to find that he attended it at the local mission in his youth! He does not attend any kind of church now, so please say a prayer for him. I wonder what would have become of him if not for “the spirit of Vatican II.”

  2. Fiona says:

    Um, this is not only in its infancy. I suspect that it is still very much ‘in the womb’. I live in Johannesburg and this is the first I’ve heard about it. I suppose you have to start somewhere, even if it’s simply the seed of an idea. I find it strange though that there doesn’t seem to be a Johannesburg Latin Mass group, as Johannesburg, being the bigger city, has a much larger Catholic population than Pretoria. (700 000 as compared to approx. 175 000 in Pretoria). Odd that.

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