REVIEW: Angelus Press 2009 Calendars

Mr. Mail-Man arrived today with a package of books from our friends at Angelus Press, the publishing arm of the SSPX.  They sent me books mainly for children along with two calendars for 2009, which could also be for children in a way.

The calendars especially caught my eye and I want to show them to you.

First, on the heals of Veterans Day, I was very pleased to see a Calendar of Catholic Battlefield Chaplains.  This is the sort of muscular and virile calendar which a young boy or man would benefit from.

Of course all the liturgical indications grace the grid for each day.

Also I found A Catholic Calendar of Culinary Customs which might be fun for the kitchen, especially if children are involved with helping prepare foods.

There are some hyper-cute details.

And recipes.  I think the person who did this might have a sweet tooth, since they stress desserts.

Both calendars are well made.

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  1. Sioux City believer says:

    osculetur me osculo oris sui quia melior panis tuus vino…

  2. Flambeaux says:

    I’m impressed with both calendars, as well. I am curious if you’ll be reviewing the children’s books. We’re thinking about some of those as Easter presents.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thank you for sharing! this is perfect for my husband’s godson who wants to be a military chaplain!

  4. tara says:

    You lucky! Sheesh, being a priest has it’s perks! I want the Chaplins calendar!

  5. tara: Being a blogger with over 4 million visits who does reviews might have more to do with it. Whaddya think?

  6. Genevieve says:

    I think you should definitely review the children’s books. I’m looking for a way to get more involved in the faith formation of my 5 year old godson who lives eight hours away…

  7. Joshua says:

    On the website it says it includes a directory of Latin Masses. If that just SSPX, or does that include others?

  8. Ottaviani says:

    These calendars are wonderful! Angelus Press certainly takes no short cuts in their fine products. God Bless them.

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