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ante diem iii idus decembres

Agonalia — the fourth and final occurrence of this festival in the Roman calendar; like all instances, the Rex Sacrorum would sacrifice a ram in the Regia, but on this occasion, the sacrifice was apparently in honour of Sol Indiges.

Septimontium — a somewhat obscure festival apparently originally only celebrated by the ‘montani’ (i.e. the ‘hill-dwellers’) which involved sacrifices on each of Rome’s seven hills.

287 — martyrdom of Fuscian (and others)

302 — martyrdom of Pontian


Sol Indiges was the forerunner of Sol Invictus.

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  1. Dove says:

    Rex sacrum

  2. LewisNShort says:

    Nope, Rex Sacrorum, as written. Sacer is 1st/2nd declension, not 3rd. The Rex Sacrorum inherited the sacral duties of the king after the abolition of the monarchy.

  3. On a Latin oriented tangent, though I’m sure many readers here already know about it, if you download this you get a free software version of Lewis & Short. It’s very handy when you need L&S but don’t have room in your suitcase, for example.

  4. Postumus says:

    There is also this from the Perseus Project at Tufts. Very thorough. Full Lewis & Short for Latin and Liddell Scott for Greek.

  5. John P says:

    sacrum is genitive plural: v. Allen & Greenough,
    49 d.

  6. John P says:

    Just to clarify my comment, it should have been “or”
    rex sacrum. Rex sacrorum is obviously correct, but I
    was just trying to show the archaic form.

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