Benedict XVI’s Christmas address to the Roman Curia

I’ll give you more on this later, but I am just starting to read the Holy Father’s address for Christmas to the Roman Curia.

As you know, his address in 2005 was pivotal for his whole pontificate.

That was the address in which he have a new orientation for the Curia, indeed the whole Church, away from the "hermeneutic of rupture and discontinuity" toward a "hermeneutic of reform" and continuity. 

I think this is the heart of Pope Benedict’s vision for his pontificate and his "Marshall Plan" for the Church.

BTW… the Cardinal Dean, Angelo Card. Sodano, began his address to the Holy Father by citing the hymn Vox clara ecce intonatPODCAzT 77 can help you drill into that great Advent hymn.



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  1. RANCHER says:

    The secular media is already heavily criticizing the Pope’s comments. It used to be that the secular media was respectful of the Pope and his statements. No more. Further evidence, (IMO without being paranoid) of the assault on the Church that is growing throughout the world.

  2. Roland de Chanson says:

    And in other news, the strident “gays” are hectoring the Holy Father for this:

    “It is not an outmoded metaphysic if the Church speaks of the nature of human existence (being) as man and woman and asks that this order of creation be repected. What in fact is being treated here is faith in the Creator and being attuned to the language of creation, the contempt for which would be the self-destruction of man and hence a destruction of God’s work itself. What is often expressed and understood by the term “gender” is often ultimately turned into the self-emancipation of man from creation and from the Creator.”

    If it’s not the Mohammedans, it’s the Sodomites. Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio …

    [my translation for the Italian; see The German text has just appeared. Num versionem Latinam exspectare audemus?]

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