Holy Hill, WI: TLM ALERT

From a reader:

Reverend Canon Olivier Meney of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest will celebrate a Low Mass at the Basilica of Holy Hill, National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians, at 2:00 P.M. on Wednesday, December 10th.  It is my understanding this will be the first Traditional Latin Mass celebrated inside of the Basilica in many, many years.  The Basilica of Holy Hill is a well-known shrine and place of pilgrimage. 
The Basilica of Holy Hill is located at 1525 Carmel Road Hubertus, Wisconsin, 53033.
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  1. Josiah Ross says:

    Great!The shrine church is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Orlando Catholic says:

    1st celebrated in the church in a while. Hmmm…doesn’t the SSPX offer a yearly Mass there outside???

  3. Jason Keener says:

    During a pilgrimage, the SSPX offered the Traditional Latin Mass at Holy Hill outside on the beautiful grounds. Tomorrow’s Low Mass will be the first Traditional Latin Mass celebrated inside of the actual church building in quite awhile, from what I understand.

    Pax Christi.

  4. Akira Yamadori says:

    Didn’t Holy Hill used to be staffed by the Carmelite fathers and Brothers( not the Discalced, but the original Observance Carmelites) who have a reputation for being rather liberal?)
    Maybe they don’t staff it anymore. But if they do, and allow for the TLM to be celebrated there, this is a real breakthrough.

  5. Dave says:

    It is staffed by Discalced Carmelite Friars.
    I did not find them liberal, at least in terms of liturgical praxis at the shrine church.
    They also wore habits the last time I was there.

  6. Jason Keener says:

    The Discalced Carmelite Friars have served at Holy Hill since 1906. The Novus Ordo celebrated at Holy Hill is generally reverent; however, there is no use of the ad orientem posture, no Latin, and no Gregorian chant. It is great news that the friars are at least open to having the Traditional Latin Mass celebrated there. In fact, there is even a Missa Cantata (Sung Mass) scheduled for next May. I believe the Mass in May will also be celebrated by Canon Olivier Meney from the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. Canon Meney comes to Holy Hill from St. Stanislaus Parish and Oratory in Milwaukee where he serves as Rector and Parish Administrator.

  7. dad29 says:

    I’m acquainted with one of the Holy Hill Carmelite fathers. He is a very orthodox fellow, and very practical, having been a successful businessman before entering the priesthood.

    This announcement doesn’t surprise me at all. One hopes that the (somewhat awful) pipe organ in the Church will be tuned up and ready to go!

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