Italiani! Nuovo sito dedicato all S. Messa in forma straordinaria

Vorrete investigare questo nuovo sito:

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  1. Dominic H says:

    Having just looked at the list/schedule of masses (will look thru the rest of the site), from England, I’m deeply envious of the regular provision of the EF mass in many of these regions. Lombardy seems to fare particularly well. (But I note with regret some significant and disappointing exceptions, perhaps, above all, Assisi and Orvieto, and the explanations given for such absences being also a cause of disappointment)

  2. Derik says:

    Looks like they have been reading WDTPRS for a while. I would love to see translations into other languages. I kind of make sense of the text because my mother tonghe is spanish.

  3. Andrew says:

    This is a very useful site to those Catholics in Italy who prefer to worship in the forma extraordinaria. However, I am sorry that, in at least one instance, it refers people to the SSPX.

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