Madison OH (D. of Cleveland): TLM ALERT

From a reader:

Dear Father Zuhlsdorf,

It is with great pleasure that I can report to you that Father Sean Donnelly of Immaculate Conception Church, Madison, Ohio (Cleveland Diocese) has committed to celebrating The Traditional Latin Mass on the first Sunday of each month starting in January 2009 at 12:30 pm. The intention is to eventually have one a week.
Many prayers are being answered!
Is there any way you can publicize this for us? There are many in our area that view your website, and read your column in The Wanderer. It could help us get the word out.
Thanks in advance. May our good Lord bless and protect you!

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  1. Willebrord says:


    I’m very excited about this; I had no idea!
    I knew about the monthly masses on the second Thursday of the month (I’ve been serving at them), but this is news indeed!
    That’s why they asked me to help training…

    I might add that the “Benedictine” reform is going on nicely at Immaculate Conception. I noticed in a Wednesday morning NO Mass that Fr. Donnelly had a fully-decked chalice, pall, veil, and everything. He put the pall on whenever he wasn’t using the chalice (like in the TLM). He also celebrates the NO with great solemnity, like he does the TLM (he’s sort of slow on the Latin, but this is mainly due to his trying far harder than most to pronounce it perfectly).

    Fr. Z, I’m not entirely sure it’s completely due to his celebrating the TLM that his NO masses are done well, but I often use Fr. Donnelly as an example of how you say that once a priest celebrates the EF, it is reflected in his celebration of the OF as well.

    Deo Gratias!

  2. I am so very pleased to here this news!

    I knew that Fr. Donnelly had been learning to say the EF Mass.

    Today at Immaculate Conception Church in Willoughby, Ohio (at the other end of Lake County from Fr. Donnelly’s Immaculate Conception, Madison), the immemorial rite was offered on a Sunday for the first time since the liturgical changes. Fr. Michael Troha, the pastor, offered the Mass. This was done in honour of the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the church building.

    It is a joy to also report that Immaculate Conception, Willoughby, has begun having Mass in the EF every Friday evening at 7:30pm.

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