MN/WI: Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (D. La Crosse) – weekly TLM

From a reader:

Some of your Wisconsin/Minnesota readers might be interested to know that the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe will begin offering a weekly TLM beginning this coming Sunday at 9:30 a.m. This is the Shrine founded by Archbishop Burke, whose beautiful church building was dedicated this past summer. The TLM will join the 1 p.m. Novus Ordo Mass on the regular schedule. A Spanish-language Novus Ordo will be offered on a regular basis in the near future. Saying these Masses will be the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, who have been recruited to attend to pilgrims’ spiritual needs. As I understand it, Father Peter Damien Fehlner, the shrine’s temporary rector, will be saying a low Mass for the first few weeks.
That’s about all I know at present. I’ve been recruited to sing in the schola, and my understanding is that things will begin low key and move from there. To be honest, I’m not sure how well it will be received. The Institute of Christ the King offers a sparsely attended weekly TLM 30 miles away near Cashton every Sunday evening. La Crosse is obviously a better location, both because it’s a far larger city, and because the SSPX seminary is 40 miles away in Winona. As God wills!
This coming Sunday’s Mass will be for the Epiphany

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  1. Gravitas says:

    “The Institute of Christ the King offers a sparsely attended weekly TLM 30 miles away near Cashton every Sunday evening.”

    Gee, people don’t bring their large families and young children to night Masses? Shocking. I guess no one wants the traditional Mass.

    Good grief.

  2. paul says:

    I think the time is excellent 9:30am on Sunday- people can easily keep the traditional midnight fast if they want and masses traditionally have always been said in the morning.

  3. Oremus says:

    Why is it for the Epiphany?! In the TLM it is January 6th!

  4. magdalene says:

    Very good news: I had heard this was going to happen. I believe all the friaries of the Franciscans of the Immaculate either do have or will have some regularly scheduled TLMs.

  5. Deo volente says:

    I apologize for an “underhanded” way of getting out the word but the Canons of the New Jerusalem founded by Archbishop Burke are having a Vocations discernment in West Virginia on January 3rd. More news can be found here. I apologize for doing this, but the time is short for this to get around, and WDTPRS is the premier forum for the TLM!

    Forgive me Father!


  6. Rachel says:

    9:30 am is a great time for a Sunday. In SoCal the TLMs are all pushed to noon or 1 pm, or held at 6:30 am.

  7. Boko says:

    Yeah, the 9:30 time is really significant. This is no sop.

  8. Gravitas says:

    Oremus: Why is it for the Epiphany?! In the TLM it is January 6th!

    Because nothing is sacred anymore.

    Next we’ll be celebrating Christmas on the closest Sunday so lazy Catholics don’t have to go to Mass twice that week.

  9. Jack007 says:

    Gravitas, I normally shy away from commenting on seemingly “inflammatory” rhetoric… but…AMEN!!!

    Adjusting the liturgical calendar here and there, OCCASIONALLY, is nothing new.

    But this is getting ridiculous!
    Your comment about Christmas is not far fetched at all. I easily see that happening the next time Christmas falls anywhere NEAR a Sunday.

    Some 25 years ago, a Spanish priest friend commented that there were, “too many holydays”. They should be cut down to two, one in honor of our Lord, the other His Mother.

    At the time, I dismissed it as just more modernist talk. How prophetic. He was no genius. Obviously these things have been on the “agenda” for years. We didn’t invent the strategy of “brick by brick”…

    Jack in KC

  10. Our Abbey is just up the road from the Shrine. The friars and the staff at the Shrine are good folks doing good work and its wonderful to hear about this addition. Deo gratias!

  11. Matthew says:

    I don’t know about Caston, but when I was visiting Wausua in the summertime I went to the ICRSS oratory for a Sunday morning Missa Cantata and it was very well attended. I think that because this is a pilgrimage site, and that it’s in a larger city, and that the Mass is in the morning will make a big difference. Will the addition of this regular TLM mean that this is the only shrine church in the USA to have a regular TLM? Let’s pray that other shrine rectors look to this as an inspiration.

  12. Matthew says:

    I forgot about the ICRSS shrine of Christ the King in Chicago. They have a regular TLM of course.

  13. TJM says:

    If the Novus Ordo in English were offered at 1 or 2 in the afternoon on Sunday and the TLM was offered at 10 or 11 in the morning, which Mass
    do you think would be the best attended? The TLM of course, because most Catholics, attend Sunday Mass based on the most convenient time. In my
    experience the most popular Mass time was co-opted by liturgical progressives early in the “reform” so they could delude themselves into believing “everyone loves” what we’re doing at this particular Mass. Tom

  14. Gravitas says:


    When Summorum came out, I would have considered my words empty rhetoric. Now, so much time later and things in some ways going backwards, I feel there is truth in them as well.

    We’ll see …

  15. Truman says:

    I would gently suggest that there can be imagined a more appropriate response than carping to the news of a new traditional Mass, ina shrince church, said by religious friars, than carping about the calendar.

  16. Gravitas says:

    The Mass, I would argue, isn’t traditional if it doesn’t follow the traditional calendar. Much like Saturday “anticipated” “traditional” Masses aren’t traditional.

    I don’t think that’s carping.

  17. Patrick says:


    The Extraordinary Form is at 9:30 AM and the Ordinary Form is at 1:00 PM.

    It will be interesting to see which Mass is more attended.

  18. T. Falter says:

    We do bring our large families to Mass on Sunday evenings in Cashton. This is a sparsely populated area, which also helps explain the “sparse” attendance (there are other contributory reasons not worth mentioning here). Cashton is where the ICRSS got it’s start in the U.S., by the way.

    Personally, I think it’s great to have another TLM in the area. I’m sure I’ll be a regular assistant at both of them.

    As far as celebrating Epiphany this Sunday, is this allowed in the old calendar by calling it an external celebration of the feast? This was common practice at former parish of ours. But if I recall correctly, the external celebrations were always after the actual feast (and the feast was celebrated on its proper day as well). Fr. Z.?

  19. All of this raises a question that has been on my mind lately and that is, overall, what is the attendance like at all the TLM’s that are now taking place? Further to this, is the attendance consistently good? One hears that the TLM is well attended the first time with those who are curious but after that the attendance slides.

    Of course I always keep in mind, “brick by brick.”

  20. The attendance at TLMs is strong but not large. The Holy Father was smart to dismiss its divisive quality because will remain small. S.P. was a beautiful gesture

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