More casulties of climate change

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  1. Tzard says:

    Whew! At first glance I thought it was pizza slices. :)

  2. Phil (NL) says:

    Nah, pizza slices do not sprout from our imagination. Elves and global warming do. ;)

  3. jpoppe says:

    Is that a narwahl (sp) floating among the elf hats?

  4. Brandon B says:

    I think it might be Frosty, but we can hope it’s a narwhal(e).

  5. Phil seems to think that global warming springs from the imagination. I guess we must presume then that Pope Benedict has an overly active imagination. I must admit it really irks me when (dare I say it) red neck conservatives try to tie the revival of the traditional liturgy not to mention Catholic orthodoxy in with their political/economic conservative agenda. They are not one and the same phenomena. I hope that we will all study the expected encyclical on the Church’s social doctrine.

  6. Jordanes says:

    Global warming doesn’t spring from the imagination — it springs from the sun . . . and it comes every spring.

  7. Phil (NL) says:

    David, global warming is far from a matter of faith, and disagreement with the Holy Father over such matters is perfectly possible.

    As for bringing up politics, well, it wasn’t me who posted the cartoon, was it?

  8. Jordanes says:

    Phil said: global warming is far from a matter of faith

    Well, it’s not supposed to be, but in fact it is . . .

  9. Phil (NL) says:

    hehe, true Jordanes. I should have said ‘the Catholic faith’.

  10. athanasius says:

    Just as much as I detest right wingers linking politics with the Traditional Liturgy, in fact even more I wish peacnik lefties would not tie observable facts like climate change to idiotic, and in my opinion marxist doctrines like man made global warming. There is no evidence to support it. A UN document which came out last year said that catastrophic changes from global warming were possible, and the same report declared it was unavoidable, too late, and at the same time that we had to act to stop it. Now we hear about “Global warming deniers” compared to holocaust deniers which is a prelude to those who don’t accept global warming being locked up in a world court.

    Everything I have ever seen from global warming enthusiasts is pure effeminate, emotional and unreasoned hysteria. Volcanoes put more pollution in the air than all the cars on the planet combined. This is not to say that climate change won’t happen, because it does happen all the time. 800 years ago ice bergs slammed into Norway and priests were praying to God for deliverance. Medievals didn’t have cars! Every few hundred years the earth naturally shifts in climates because it is too big and too complex for man to mess around with by merely driving a car. I’m convinced even nuclear weapons couldn’t hurt the earth as much as what we’ve previously been told, at least for not as long. This is not to say we can’t challenge technology to be more efficient and less wasteful, as well as cleaner but that becomes harder and harder when proper environmentalism is tied to this hysteria, which is why most people who reject global warming are indifferent to the environment.

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