San Diego: Chant worshop 5-9 January

Nota bene:

There are 15 spots remaining for the Winter Chant Intensive, January 5-9, 2009, to be held on the gorgeous (and warm) campus of the University of San Diego. This is not a demonstration program or a seminar of lectures. This is a hands-on conference in which you will be practicing and singing–under the direction of Scott Turkington–from morning to night.

Go to our friends at Musica Sacra for more information.

We need chant in our parishes.  For that to happen, more people need to know how to deal with it in theory and practice. 

After all… nihil dat quod non "got".


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  1. Daniel Muller says:

    “Nihil” … aut “nemo?”

    I suppose that it comes out the same.

  2. Jill of the Amazing Wolverine Tribe says:

    There is also to be, in Founder’s Chapel, services of Carols and Lessons:
    Thurs: 7:30
    Fri: 8
    Sat: at 8 [I think] and I believe there is another service of same on Sun. Afternoon.

    I saw the rehearsal last night by chance and it looks like it will be good.

    FREE. Gratis.

  3. NY Priest says:

    Is Fr. Carl Gismondi recently assigned to St. Anne’s on Sicard Street at all involved?
    A little bit of leaven and the dough will rise! Good things are in store for San Diego.

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