Who can educate me about USTREAM.TV?

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  1. Bryan says:

    looks like a method to provide ad-hoc video podcasts with just a small app running on your desktop.

    tried it here at my office. Seems to work ok, if a bit bandwidth intensive (more because of the audio than the video…which is always the issue) if you want to kick up the quality of the feed.

    I’m going to suggest it for the local catholic radio station I am volunteering at (WFJS, trenton, nj) as an adjunct to the internet radio feed I have set up for them.

  2. So, it could be uses to have, say, a live, online radio/TV show…. even with call in, etc.?

  3. Bryan says:

    sure. go there, search for WFJS…I’m doing it now…

  4. HGB says:

    Fr Z, I think I like where you are going with this……

  5. Josh says:

    Fr. Z, basically allows you to do your own live video and/or audio from your PC via webcam. we at use it to do our weekly podcasts. I also use it for my weekly Radio Show, Finding Your Keys. Its made to do video but also allows you just to stream living audio as well. It also has a chat window and I find it useful whenever I do a live podcast/show because I can also take questions from the “audience”

  6. Comments about using the live functions:

    If you are doing a live show you have to go out to their page to do it, you can’t run it
    from a program on your PC.

    You can control your chat room by only allowing certain folks to comment or even banning some.
    However, I think you can only ban people for one hour.
    Only people registered with can potentially comment.

    You need to be careful in the live chat rooms because if you empower someone to “voice”
    they can take over your “moderator” control.

  7. Ian Power says:

    Wow, imagine if you could take the vigour and overall quality of the debate that happens on this blog and transform it into a live call-in format – now that would be something worth listening to.

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