Where some of you are

Here is a snapshot from the last few minutes of where people are (more or less) when they log in.  These are approximations and I edited out "unknown" and "United States", etc.

Washington, District of…
Toronto, Ontario
Utica, Michigan
Pompano Beach, Florida
London, London, City of
Drums, Pennsylvania
Thornwood, New York
Los Angeles, California
Bloomington, Indiana
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Mcmechen, West Virginia
Muldrow, Oklahoma
Woburn, Massachusetts
Atlanta, Georgia
Indianapolis, Indiana
Chillicothe, Ohio
Rome, Lazio
Chicago, Illinois
Cape Canaveral, Florida
South Portland, Maine
Framingham, Massachusetts
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Cuba, Missouri
Bronxville, New York
Bowie, Maryland
Berkeley, California
Gainesville, Florida
Rochester, Minnesota
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Hastings, Nebraska
Bristol, Rhode Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Beaumont, Texas
London, London, City of
Bloomfield Hills, Michi…
Bemidji, Minnesota
Austin, Texas
Saint Louis, Missouri
Nutley, New Jersey
Holzkirchen, Bayern
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Lincoln, Nebraska
Edison, New Jersey
Cocentaina, Comunidad V…
Edison, New Jersey
Washington, District of…
Chicago, Illinois
Katy, Texas
Aurora, Colorado
Indianapolis, Indiana
Manassas, Virginia
Midland, Texas
Guelph, Ontario
Mossor, Rio Grande do N…
Tylersport, Pennsylvania
Delft, Zuid-Holland  
Highland Mills, New York
Mascali, Sicilia
Cleveland, Ohio
Baltimore, Maryland
Powell, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Coventry, Rhode Island
Tallahassee, Florida
Buenos Aires, Distrito …
Gavirate, Lombardia
Waterford Works, New Je…
Lolo, Montana
Bradford, Ontario
Essex, Ontario
Alexandria, Virginia
Des Moines, Iowa
Richmond, Vermont
Groton, Connecticut
Leominster, Massachusetts
Ainring, Bayern
Mississauga, Ontario
Brookline, Massachusetts
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Winter Park, Florida
Staffordsville, Virginia
Applecross, Western Aus…
Graham, Alabama
Seattle, Washington
Fort Myers, Florida
Katowice, Slaskie
Fairfax, Virginia
Naples, Florida
Newport News, Virginia
Marlia, Sao Paulo
Grand Junction, Colorado
London, London, City of
Imperial, Missouri
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Washington, District of…
Lakewood, Ohio
Bismarck, North Dakota
Manaus, Amazonas
Raleigh, North Carolina
Bethpage, Tennessee
Woburn, Massachusetts
Woburn, Massachusetts
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Ogden, Utah
Midville, Georgia
Philadelphia, Pennsylva…
Vigonza, Veneto
Kingston, Ontario
Montclair, New Jersey
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Rochester, Minnesota
Amarillo, Texas
Moline, Illinois
Glendora, New Jersey
Portland, Oregon
Pullman, Washington
Wildwood, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Norfolk, Virginia
Manchester, New Hampshire
Santa Fe
Cincinnati, Ohio
Austin, Texas
Brooklyn, New York
Meriden, Connecticut
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Anderson, Missouri
Wildwood, Florida
Norfolk, Virginia

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Balthasar Fan in Brooklyn says:



    I made the list!

  2. Peggy says:

    Columbia, IL here. Belleville, IL, diocese. Near STL, MO.

  3. Mitch says:

    I did not make the list but am here from QUEENS, NEW YORK…..Hello to neighbors in Brooklyn…..

  4. Paul S. Quist says:

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada reporting in!

  5. Jane Fulthorpe says:

    And in this hidden little corner of Charente, south-west France, WDTPRS is rquired daily reading.
    Thank you Father.

  6. Tyler says:

    I didn’t make the list, but there sure a lot of other floridians that did. Perhaps we can unite to expand the EF here

  7. Geography Test: Takilma, Oregon

    WDTPRS is the best!

    Thank you Father.

  8. Eric says:

    Guelph! [Is there a Ghibelline, also?]
    I know this isn’t me because I am in Toronto right now, so you fellow Guelphites, if you read this, request the EF at Church of Our Lady!

  9. Duffy says:

    Bronx, NY – Never login but love WDTPRS!

  10. Tara says:

    Ogden, Utah, that would be me, or perhaps my Priest–Father Erik.

  11. fra paolo says:

    Guelph! [Is there a Ghibelline, also?]

    They went to Vox-Nova.com

  12. fra paolo says:

    Oh, and I’m in Kitchener at the moment, just down the road from Guelph.

  13. Kevin says:

    Wow. I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania, but I didn’t think anyone in Drums even had a computer (let alone could read). You live and learn.

  14. DD Dunn says:

    Salvete, Fr. Z! I am a regular reader of your blog and subscribe to your podcast, but never logged on, and since you seem to enjoy knowing where you’re readers are from — I’m in Madrid, Spain.

    Pax tecum,
    DD Dunn

  15. DD Dunn says:

    Salvete, Fr. Z! I have never logged onto your site before, but I’m a regular reader and subscribe to your podcast, and since you seem to enjoy seeing where we’re all from — I’m in Madrid, Spain.

    Pax tecum,
    DD Dunn

  16. vexilla regis says:

    Dear Father Z,
    And Brisbane Australia! Thanks for your great work and a Happy and a Holy Christmas to you!

  17. Boko says:

    Is that York, PA or York, UK? If the former, that may be Pater or our parish priest. Either way, huzzah for the White Rose City! And confusion to the Lancastrians!

  18. Steve K. says:

    Whee! I made it (Newport News, VA)… unless there is another fan of Father Z here, of course. ;)

    Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless you, Father Z!

  19. Thomas says:

    I’m the one from Beaumont, Texas! :-D

    Actually, it’s Nederland, but I guess the site meter only counts the closest big server, since I once watched a site meter count me and it counted me as from Beaumont.

    Anyway, I love this blog! It’s on my list that I read every day.

  20. It is truly fascinating to learn where people are from. The possibility we have these days to be interconnected from all over the world never ceases to amaze me.

  21. AGMW says:

    You caught me, Father, your southerly neighbor. Greetings to all from the Des Moines, Iowa area where we are slowly being covered by ice and snow. If I do not come back soon, please send the search party! Seriously though it is encouraging to see so many parts of the world represented here. There is a reason this site is both catholic and Catholic! Thanks be to God for you Father, prayers are for you.

  22. CPT Tom says:

    Greetings from Corning, NY in the hinter lands of the Rochester Diocese. A good day starts with Coffee and WDTPRS!

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