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Call for Two-Child Limit on Families from Government Adviser

Couples who have more than two children are putting an ‘irresponsible’ burden on the environment, the Government’s leading green adviser has warned.  Jonathon Porritt called on ministers to take action to reduce population growth in Britain.

The LifeLeague says: Please click here to contact Jonathon Porritt.  Remind him that the UK is not China and urge him to rethink his anti-life opinions.

This has a surreal, P.D. James-ish, quality to it.

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  1. jarhead462 says:

    And it begins….

    Semper Fi!

  2. Jeff says:

    Good Gosh, surreal?

    I\’ve been predicting this sort of thing for years…no one takes it seriously.

    \”We\’re going to outbreed the secularists\”, we\’ve said.

    \”They wouldn\’t let us\”, I\’ve answered.

    They simply won\’t stand for losing, you know. All the freedoms we take for granted will go down the drain rather than their allowing that.

  3. Tominellay says:

    Putting an “irresponsible” burden on the environment?? What irresponsible words…How much money does the British government pay Porritt for his advice?

  4. prof basto says:

    Britain seems morally adrift. Ashamed of it’s Christian past and of it’s traditions. And now on the verge of demographic suicide.

  5. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    Not news, sadly.

    A minor government functionary (perhaps Mr Porritt) appeared on Sunday morning radio (BBC Radio 5) nearly two weeks ago advocating this position. He called for more “courage” from groups like Greenpeace (this indicates just how wacky he was), saying that they were afraid to discuss this issue for fear of offending “religious sensibilities”.

    Even more sadly, people will probably applaud his -sentiments- madness because, at least in most public discourse, this country hates children. And when it’s not hating children it’s hating the old, the sick, etc. The same government also says single people are a burden on the environment because they waste electricity and heating on a single person when two could benefit. I sometimes think the UK government would be happier if there were no people on this island at all. I have never experienced such a strong culture of death as here in the UK.

  6. Simon Platt says:

    Writing from England…

    This chap Porritt’s opinions are widely known and I think this is not new. I think Porritt’s really a figure of fun over here. I’m not naturally sanguine, but when I read about this in my paper a while ago I thought nothing of it.

    This isn’t to say that I don’t think this is a worrying attitude, or that the forces of evil aren’t in the ascendency here, just that I don’t think this is a significant development or even particularly alarming.

  7. DavidJ says:

    Each couple having only two children will mean negative native population growth. Say goodbye to your country in a couple generations. Please drive through.

  8. Athanasius says:

    Fortunately, I don’t think Porritt has that much influence at a policy level. What is more worrying is the drip-drip effect of such opinions, eroding the religious sensibility of our nation.

    The UK is now a country where it is allowed to be religious providing you don’t mention it to anyone… and woe-betide you if you preach against the contraceptive mentality!

  9. Coletta says:

    Father, maybe this could be placed into the category “The future and our choices” ?
    Hard to believe this is really taking place.
    Serious reality check.

  10. TJM says:

    Of course, the Muslims living in Britain will not be subject to this directive since bureaucrats will want to keep their heads. It sounds like Britain is giving up. Tom

  11. Amy P. says:

    Each couple having only two children will mean negative native population growth. Say goodbye to your country in a couple generations. Please drive through.

    Given immigration patterns in the UK, it is BRITISH/EUROPEAN/WESTERN CIVILIZATION persons who will have the negative population growth. Immigrants who, in the UK, tend to be mostly Muslim, will not abide by a two-child rule. Which means the eco-movement will be shortlived.

  12. A Random Friar says:

    “Children of Men” is not supposed to be a “how-to” manual…

  13. Martin says:

    Typically Freemason mentality.

  14. Tzard says:

    They currently already have a negative fertility rate – only 1.66 children per woman (2008).

    Yes, there were environmentalists who in the past were saying things like “it would be better if humans weren’t here to spoil this wonderful planet” – we thought they were crackpots, but now they’re crackpots with power. Some even consider personal non-existence better than existence.

    It’s terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.

  15. Yeah, there was a cockwhallop over here in Australia last year spewing the same thing.
    He also added that those with more than 2 children should be charged a ‘carbon tax’. ROFL
    Seriously if he thinks the worlds population is sooooo high, I invite him to walk into a moving bus.

  16. Paul says:

    What happened to “reproductive freedom”???


  17. therese b says:

    The liberal-atheist soi-disant intelligentsia (including Porrit, Warnock, et al) currently have a stranglehold over government and the media. All that it requires for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  18. Mertonian says:

    Father, I think you mean “P. D. James” (or Lady James of Holland Park, if you prefer).

  19. Matthew says:

    This is sad. I’ve always wanted to move to England and join the Royal Marines or the Paras, but everytime I read the news from over there, I think I ought to do everything possible to remain out of that death spiral of a country.

  20. Andrew says:

    With most of Europe reeling from lowest-low fertilty rates, I can’t believe there’s a single person stupid enough to think like that. Then again, whenever we’re surprised by stupidity, we usually find it in government…

  21. veritas says:

    All recent reports on the British population agree that its increase is caused not by a high birthrate among the indigenous population but by immigration and a very high birthrate among immigrants. Porrit should face up to that problem. What would he suggest?

  22. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    Paul: What happened to “reproductive freedom”???

    Unfortunately, “reproductive freedom” normally means the “right” to freedom from reproduction.

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